13 Ways how to get Rid of Dandruff Permanently

13 Ways how to get Rid of Dandruff Permanently

Dandruff is one of the worst problems which many of people face today. Sometime dandruff is increased enough that you may have to consult with doctor or you try many other ways to get rid of dandruff permanently. The use of different kind of shampoos is very common way to remove the dandruff but with use of these shampoos dandruff may remove for limit time of period but not permanently. In several cases people pay massive amount to doctors for the removal of dandruff. We are here have brought 13 ways or really useful tips to get rid of dandruff permanently. 13 ways to how to get rid of dandruff permanently as given as:-

  1. Massage your hairs with Glasreen and wash after one hour for few days.
  2. The yolk of egg mix with mustard oil alongwith lemon juice and use this mixture in the skin of head and wash after one hour, apply this for twice a week.
  3. Keep your hairs with mustard oil as it is also Sunnah. If you use shampoo daily and don’t use oil it also causes of dandruff.
  4. Make the mixture of egg, yogurt and mustard oil and use this mixture in your head’s skin and tie handkerchief on head for at least one hour and then wash the hairs.
  5. The mixtures of egg, yogurt and sugar use on your hairs for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your hairs.
  6.  Yogurt alongwith mustard oil also helps to remove the dandruff.
  7. Use Mehndi at least one time in a weak.
  8. Use lemon juice with water for few days you will observe after some days your hairs will be shined and free of dandruff.
  9. The oil of coconut use in skin in night and sleep. In morning use lemon juice and then wash your hairs apply this for few days dandruff will surely be removed permanently.
  10. Wash your hairs with pearl soap with the water of Dettol or use Betnovate   tube in your hairs.
  11. Use quality food such as meat, fresh fruit, milk and yogurt daily and excursive daily for some time.
  12. Soak two spoon of fenugreek seeds in night and in morning make paste of it and use in your hairs for one and half of hour then wash.
  13. Penetrate some leaves of in water and use this water in your hairs dandruff will remove.

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