Educational System & Standard of Education in Pakistan

Education creates awareness in human. A person distinguishes bad and good through education, means the problems can be solved with education but our educational system is increasing problems instead of decreasing. There is huge difference between today’s and past educational system in Pakistan. Because there are three types of educational system have been developed in Pakistan & these educational systems are not servicing the Pakistan in any mean. In fact our youth is destroying due to this bad system, this is way our educational degrees have not importance throughout the world. Three types or educational systems are as under:-

Urdu Medium

The children of poor people who belong to more than poor or low locality study in this type of educational system. Urdu is our national language but despite of this teachers are not able to deliver the purpose of education which is required at the start of education to children.


English Medium

The 2nd system is English medium, this syllabus teaches in popular institutions like Beacon House, Educator, and Cathedral. The fees of these institutions are so much high therefore; the children who belong to very rich families study here because a poor man cannot bear the expenses to studying their children in the above said institutions.  Another very alarming situation that Islamic and Urdu subjects have not importance in these institutions.


Madrasa System

The 3rd one is Madrasa system, the Islamic education is given here and English, Computer & Science related subjects are not studied in Madrasa. In these institutions a student gets education from the level of Maulvi to Alam.

Our any educational system is not complete by any mean, as the student who gets education from Urdu medium institution is not able to understand the English or not have good command over the English language. These students get MBA degrees but are not able to find the good jobs for them; these have not enough confidence as well. The students from Madrasas have very good command over the Quran, Hadith etc. but have not any education regarding English and other scientific subjects. These students have very good abilities but as they get education from Madrasa so they do not able to do clerical job or not to be a Doctor & Engineer.


As soon as we make balance in our educational system, a student can have good guidelines. The educational system in which science, technology, English and computer are studying, should also study the subjects like Islamiat and other Islamic education. If Pakistan Government takes serious interest and make our educational system equal than problems can automatically be solved in our Country. Today our leaders speak too much but practically they are almost zero. Education should be everywhere in our country. Government should introduced new educational policies so intelligent people may get education does not matter they are from rich or poor families.

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