30 Militants Died in Tribal Areas Due to Pakistan Air Strikes

Pakistan air force attacked on militants in tribal areas including North and South Waziristan in which it is said that more than 30 terrorists have been killed. According to media sources Pakistan army got information about the presence of terrorists in the North,  South Waziristan and surrounding, thus they30 Militants Died in Tribal Areas Due to Pakistan Air Strikes decided to have attack on them.

The peace talk between government of Pakistan and Pakistani Taliban was underway but last week the peace talk was cancelled as the group relating to Taliban announced that they have killed 23 Pakistani solider and in response to this government of Pakistan decided to go attack terrorists find in Pakistani areas and since then attacks on the way.

Latest attack of Pakistani army to North and South Waziristan caused more than 30 deaths in different areas. On the other hand plenty of people living in these areas are compel to migrate to other save areas or cities because it can be really dangerous to live in fighting areas, and it is really unfortunate that the Government of Pakistan is not facilitating these people or proving theme needful things therefore they are much worried.

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