5 Things That Should Not Buy Second Hand by Any Means

5 Things That Should Not Buy Second Hand by Any Means

We see many used or secondhand things are available in junk houses and we wish to buy these things due to fewer amounts. But if we observe we spend lots of money to keep manage and repair these things so therefore we are advice you that you should buy new things because to buy old or second hand things is the wastage of money. We are here are going to tell you about 5 things that should not buy second hand by any means. The detail is given below:


Due to the vast rabidly growing of latest information technology the use of laptops is common. Everyone such as businessmen, bureau crates, students wish to have laptop. People buy second hand laptops that bring shame on them when they are setting in meeting and laptop shutdown or the battery of laptop finish within no time. Sometime second hand laptops have virus which can destroy your personal or important files and your all hardworking is wasted. Therefore if you are planning to buy a laptop you should go for new instead of buying old or secondhand laptop because it will nothing without of wastage your precious money.


The CDs of software are available in markets to install in your desktop or laptop and it has also been seen taht the password of particular software are also written on CD’s label.  The software available on CDs are normally corrupted such as if the one file of a software is corrupt then there is no use of that software. You should get proper information available on internet regarding the software you are going to buy. After getting the proper information from internet you should buy new CDs from standard shops so that your valuable money and time may not lost.

Bed and Mattress:

It is normally difficult to sleep to another’s bed or mattress. Normally the age of mattress is about 5 to 6 six years after that these mattress causing problems for its users. There is no need to buy the secondhand mattress because it is might be the possibility that mattress have some germs that can cause diseases therefore it is recommended that always buy only new mattress and beds.

Electric Blenders:

The use of electric blenders is common in almost every home today. The blades that are used in blenders have limits and with the passage of time these blades get damages and need to repair or replace. Moreover it is the possibility that second hand blenders have bacteria or virus that is harmful to your health. Always try to buy blenders that have grantees.

Cradle or Furniture for Children:

So many things have to buy for new born babies. Sometime due to lack of money parents buy second hand cradle or furniture for their children which is never good for the health of children.  

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