9/11 Anniversary and Construction of Twin Towers in New York

Construction of Twin Towers in New YorkOverview of World Trade Center:
9/11 incident was took place in 2001 when thousands of person were killed and many got serious injuries during attack. World trade center was built by the Lower Manthattan which was completed in the month of December 1970 and was being opened for public in April, 1973. The construction cost of world trade center was about 400 million US Dollar and design was prepared by the Emery Roth and Sons, Worthington, Helle, Skiling, Leselie E and Jackson worked as engineer in the construction of WTC. World trade center was consisted on 110 stories. The construction of WTC has also been controversial because many people were doing small business and more than 100 families were residing at the place of WTC. The issue was taken to the Supreme Court of United States but the court refused to accept the case which was submitted by the small business men.

Incident of 9/11:
The world trade center was destroyed on 11 September, 2001 when terrorist attacked the building. They hijacked US Airlines flight Number 11 and smashed into the North Tower and after about 17 minutes a second airplane which was also hijacked crashed in the southern tower. The southern tower was collapsed within one hour and other collapsed in 102 minutes. Many people working in these towers were killed and thousands of injured in this attack.

Construction of Twin Towers:
After the destruction of world trade center the twin towers are going to be construed in New York and one of the tower would be new world trade center which is known as Freedom Tower. The construction of World Trade Center is in progress and it is hoping that it may completed in current year 2013 and the opening of WTC (Freedom Tower) is expected at the end of 2013. The memorial of the incident of 9/11 is almost completed alongwith museum.

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