Advantages and Disadvantages of Co Education

Co-education is meant by education of male and female together. With the advancement of world due to latest technology the trend towards co-education is increasing very rapidly. Co-education is very common thing in western and African countries. If we talk about co-education system especially in Sub-Continent then it is controversial topic because huge numbers of Muslims are living in Asia and they think that co-education is against the preaching of religious of Islam. The mixture of female and male in educational institutions can be caused problems. There is no doubt about it that co-education is the key to boost your confidence with Advantages and Disadvantages of Co Educationstudy together. As we all know that everything has some advantages and disadvantages but it is all depend on us how we do think and how we utilize it. Today our topic is about advantages and disadvantages of co-education. We have spent good time on internet to bring some facts about advantages and disadvantages of co-education which are discussed below in detail:

Advantages of Co Education:

There are plenty of advantages of coeducation as it helps to create confidence between the males and females. One of the leading advantages of coeducation is help to make the students ready for facing challenging task in professional world which is mixed with females and as well as males. Students of both sexes study, work, and play together in schools, colleges and universities so hesitation between them decreases. It has been seen a high talented student who completes his education in separate education system goes for job interview in front of girl he could not perform well due to lack of confidence thus he is being rejected.

But on the other hand a average student who studied in coeducation system remains successful as he is having lots of confidence to talk with opposite sex. Another great advantage of coeducation is economical. Yes coeducation is economical as male students and female students share the similar material facilities. We don’t have money to build separate building for giving education separately to each sex and money which is wasted to build buildings and bearing other expense can be saved. This saved money can be used for making educational system more effective.

We are also in favour of coeducation system because in coeducation institutions students of both sexes try to get high position to each other so in that situation competition environment is created automatically that is really good thing. Therefore it is the reason we can watch girls working everywhere in different kind of professional fields. To control the class rooms consisted on coeducation is easy task but in separate classes it is really hard to control the students because of much noise.

Disadvantages of Co-Education:

There is no doubt coeducation has many advantages but at the same time it has disadvantages. We will discuss here the foremost disadvantages of coeducation. One of the leading disadvantages of coeducation Disadvantages of Co Educationis lack of concentration. As we all know that opposite sex attracts each other so they lose temperament and momentum to their studies. It has also been seen in coeducational institutions that sexual harassment is causing students. Many cases have been registered about sexual assault and harassment in these kinds of institutions. Coeducation is caused to make romantic relationship between class mates thus some students destroy their future by wasting their precious time in unnecessary activities.

Many people across the world have been seen to say that the coeducation system is against their religious. The country culture does not allow to study together by any means therefore it is the big reason that some parents restricted their daughters to study in coeducation system.

Despite all of advantages and disadvantages of coeducation or mixed education is growing rabidly around the corner.  But it all depends to us that how we think about this system, how we behave it? One thing is sure that if we take it positively then coeducation is the best system for making our children confident. It is the responsibility of parents to groom their children in such manner which help their children to make difference between good and bad.

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