Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Tea

Most of people like to drink green tea in the world but green tea is certainly popular thing in Eastern countries such as Thailand, Japan Chine, India and as well as Pakistan. It is very fortunate that there are most advantages of green tea then disadvantages. Green tea is the invention of China and the use of Green tea was mainly started for the benefits of health. In other words green tea is being used as medicine over the years. With the passage of time green tea has become most favorite drinking item in subcontinent countries after water. There are 03 types of green tea are available in markets such as Chinese Green Tea, Japanese Green Tea and other Green Tea as well. Green tea has many ingredients such as Enzymes, Caffeine, Vitamins, Tocopherols, Carotenoids and sterols. Some people drink teaDisadvantages of Green Tea as their habit and some for health benefits. People want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Green Tea, so this webpage is brought some useful information about pros and cons of Green Tea.

Advantages of Green Tea:

Fat people try plenty of things to reduce their weight which may causes problem for their health. One of the major advantages of green tea is weight loss. According to the made researches it has confirmed that the green tea helps to reduce the weight because green tea has polyphenol and doctors say that polyphenol in tea is benefited to weight loss.

A research was made in Harvard Medical School of Health Watch in which it was said that the use of Green Tea can slowdown the diseases of heart. Antioxidant found in green tea is caused to lower the cholesterol. Everyone know how cholesterol is dangerous for heart, therefore balanced use of green tea is somehow source of reducing hearth problems.

Green tea is also really helpful to reduce the chances of cancer diseases. Cancer is life taking diseases when it gets at last stages but it has been observed that the people who drink green tea are being seen to fight and avoid the cancer disease. The antioxidant in green tea is equal to 100 times effective than the vitamin C and also 24th time effective then the use of Vitamin E. Another research says 5 cups green tea a day is helpful to prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis in the body.

Green tea has fluoride and the use of some high quality green tea creates more fluoride in the body which helps to make our bones strong. Enzyme found in the human body destroys the cartilage and it has been realized that the people who use green tea regularly is reasoned to make them strong to fight against enzyme. Moreover use of green tea is also good for diabetes patients. Whenever you have problem of flu you must go Advantages and disadvantages of Green Teafor green tea because polysaccharides in green tea are helpful to remove the problems of flu.

Disadvantages of Green Tea:

We have talked about the advantages of Green Tea above now we will discuss disadvantages of Green Tea in our daily life. There is no doubt that green tea has numerous advantages but at the same time it has some disadvantages. It is really unfortunate that there are very few studies about the disadvantages of green tea. One of ingredient which is found in green tea is caffeine and doctors said that the caffeine is actually harmful to health.

The one cup of green tea has 30 milligram caffeine and some persons are more sensitive therefore use of green tea can cause skin as well as blood pressure problems. The use of 1 or 2 cups green tea doesn’t make difference but excess use of green tea is equal to call diseases. It has also observed that the people who drink excess green tea are found sleeplessness and their nervous system found disturbed. The heart beat increases with the use of green tea and therefore the disease of blood pressure takes place. Use of green tea with empty stomach is harmful to health. It is strongly recommended that you should take green tea one hour before or after taking meal.

With above discussion it is crystal clear that the use of green tea has not too much disadvantages. There are many advantages of drinking green tea if we take appropriately. According to the reaches in England the 06 cups of green tea a day is good for health but excess use of green tea can bring problems for you. Moreover you should try to purchase quality tea in order to take benefits.

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