Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobile phone is really good thing and latest technology as it has changed our way of life.  Mobile phone has gained much popularity in these days in fact mobile phone has become our need. The use of mobile phone technology is increasing rapidly throughout the world the main reason behind that people of all ages are utilizing the latest technology. In past we had to search telephone booth or public call offices to remain in contact with our families while out of home. Technology is being produced for the facilitation of humans but when people make misuse of them it becomes source of harmful. There are countless advantages and as well as disadvantages of mobile phone technology. Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones are discussed here in detail:

Advantages of Mobile phones Technology:
The mobile technology has made the life of humans easy and calm because it has made communication best as it was never before. There are Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phoneslots of advantages of mobile phone; one of the great advantages of mobile phone is that we remain in contact with our family members and friends it doesn’t matter where we are in another town, city and as well as country because we can carry out mobiles everywhere. In emergency situation there is no alternative of mobile phones for example if you in the middle of highway and your car stuck then you just need to make a call by using your mobile phone thus problem can be solved. It is the era of latest technology and technology has produced some extraordinary smart phones or I should call it little computers which always remain with us in our pockets.  We can use really valuable applications in latest smart phone that helps a lot to human. Wonderful games can be played by installing these applications.

In these days mobile phone companies have provided short message services (SMS) that not only save the money but also the time. You can send messages to your love ones in situation when you are not in position to make call. Nowadays every cell phone has facility of internet. So you can you social media website on your smart phones and as well as you remain in touch with other people in shape of mails. Students are able to search their educational material on internet using their mobiles phones. Another great facility of mobile phones is camera, so you can use mobiles as camera whenever you go for outing.  High quality pictures and videos can be captured with mobile phones. Moreover great feature of having camera in your smart phones is that you can capture crime scene that can be helpful for investigations and as well justice.

Mobile is actually helpful to your business in fact mobile phone is the part of your successful business because you can have calls and details in shape of SMS every time through mobiles. Mobile phones are helping to remove the unemployment in the world because there are plenty of people around the world that are connected to mobile phone business and many telecommunication companies are opened where thousands of people are working and earning their livelihood.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Technology:
There is no doubt that there are lots of advantages of mobile phones but it should also be remembered that everything has advantages of disadvantages so mobile phones also have many disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages of mobile phones is that a person having mobile become addicted to use of mobile and our youth is affecting lot.  Youth waste their precious time in messaging, video calling, talking for many of hours, gaming and socialist on social websites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter etc. and could not concentrate on their study thus Disadvantages of Mobile Phonestheir future is also in danger. Mobile phones are now vastly used in crime and terrorist activities; a group plans and leads it towards success through mobiles in these days.

It has now been commonly seen that most of people use mobile phones while driving which causes to accident even sometime it causes to death. Moreover mobiles phones are also harmful to health as in a recent research it has been said that mobile phones are dirty more than wash rooms. Mobiles are the source of wastage of your money as we spend lots of money making calls, sending SMS and as well using internet. You have mobile so you do have security alerts all the time when you are out of your home because situation is now really alarming, robbers are found everywhere  for theft of mobiles.

Overall the mobile phone technology has helped the humans in many ways and it is continuing. Mobile phones have more advantages and less disadvantages but it depends all on us that how we use of it. It has become the need of everyone today so we can prevent from disadvantages of mobile phones by using it properly. Government should take attention and eliminate the night call packages.

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