Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education in Pakistan

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education in Pakistann

Online education means a person who cannot attend the institution at regular basis can get education online living at home or any working place. Students are facilitated with online video lectures so that they may not feel difficulties about their studies. Students can hold command on concerned subject with computer based training. Online education system is increasing rapidly throughout the world and this online system has also been introduced in Pakistan recently. Virtual University is the first ever Pakistani University which provides the facility of online education and the degrees of this university has demand not only in Pakistan but also in abroad. If you are planning to get online education then you should go to the Website of Virtual University. There are many institutions are now been opened in Pakistan which are giving online education. The purpose of giving online education is to guide the students with latest technology.

Advantages of Online Education

You can continue your study living anywhere and it is great advantage of online education. You have not to attend the classes on regular basis therefore you can gain educational data in huge quantity that helps you in exams and throughout the practical life. Moreover you can get information regarding your subject, lecture and assignment from you instructor online and internet has so much educational data which also helps the students. Online education system enhances the confident of students and students of any age can get the facility of online education.

Disadvantages Online Education

The biggest problem is that government is not playing role in the development of quality online education. Online education is expensive students belong to even average families cannot bear the expense of education. Government should take interest such kinds of institutions that are providing online education and should make easy for people by increasing the expense. Because online education system is developing slowly in Pakistan therefore institutions are lacking from quality and expert instructors that can give complete guidelines to students about their studies. Although Virtual University playing decent role to developing the online education system in Pakistan. Virtual University provides education on internet and also on TV due this others students also get advantages. Virtual University provides student ID and students can access the data relating to their studies easily moreover students can share their views online on Virtual University’s website.

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