Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

At the beginning of the 21st century new inventions has made the life of human remarkable comfortable. Allah has made the humans best creation in this world and blessed human with excellent brains. Human using the qualities of remarkable thinking is continuously developing today. It is era of technology and due to technology man has inventions things that human amaze. Humans are developing today is only because of technology and this will continue with the passage of time. New technology is inventing day by day rabidly which has changed the thinking and lifestyle of humans. If we observe the modern technology is beneficial to human but at the same time many things has also been invented that are directly harmful to human. There are countless advantages and disadvantages of technology which are discussed below in detail.

Disadvantages of Technology:

Disadvantages of Technology

Yes there are many advantages of today’s modern technology without any doubt but latest technology has made the lives of human also challenging. Fast working machines have reduced the importance of humans. There was a time when a man has so much importance due to his work but now change has come, machine are considered more reliable then the humans, therefore the ratio of unemployment is increasing day by day which is an alarming situation for everyone. The rate of crimes has been increased because robbers or theft use latest technology for wrong activities. Terrorists activities are on peek in these days, terrors are using latest mode of technology such as computers, mobile phones and internet for doing terror activities. There are countless benefits of mobile at the same time there are many disadvantages of mobile. Mobile phones has easy to remain in contact all the time but there are many negative effects of using of mobiles as an recent research it has been said that mobile phones are dirty more than wash rooms. Moreover today’s youth is destroying due to excess and negative use of mobiles. They waste their importance time to chat and talk for many of hours. Even mobile phones are causing to disturb the families.
Internet has many advantages if we use it positively but it is being used negatively now. It has been noticed in recent years that most of people searched for vulgar data. In addition to cybercrimes are increasing quickly. Internet is using for planning terror and wrong activities in these days.  Social media is also affecting the humans it has caused many of people around the world.

Atomic energy is being used in various ways to help the humanity but one should remember it can also be used to destroy the whole world in few minutes as we have example of Hiroshima when atomic bomb was thrown and a huge of number of people were died and thousands of received major injuries that cannot be recovered ever.  Latest transport is causing environmental pollution. The environment is rapidly changing due to pollution that’s humans are directly affected by it.

Advantages of Technology:

Advantages of Technology

With the advancement of technology numerous things have been invented over the year for the beneficial of humans. Our world has been converted into the global village. If we observe we will find man has invented technology only for the benefit of humans and now even we have become habitant of technology. There are many technology based things have been invented such as cars, TVs, Computers, Mobile Phones, microwave oven, atomic energy etc. We will discuss here the role of some extraordinary technology:-
The most extraordinary invention has been computer. Computer has made the life of humans very easier and comfortable. The use of computer can be seen in every field of life today. Computer has changed the way of acquiring of education, education was never easy and reachable as it has become now due to the computers, even you can get education sitting faraway from institutions through distance education. Computer is perhaps used vastly in medication field after education. If we look into the past it was hard difficult to discover the disease of patient but now scenario has been changed because it is now being done by the computers. Computers are playing vital role to saving the lives. Laptops, tablet PC, Touch PC are the latest form of computer.

Internet is another great proof of today’s modern technology. The world has changed into global village with internet alongwith computers. Internet has made easy to communicate as it never was before. We can even make contact sitting thousands miles away to each other. Online education, online earning, online purchasing, online business, online shopping, online free of cost talking these all facilitations are only because of internet.
Natural resources are not enough to fulfill the demand of electricity due to rapidly growing of population. Therefore man had to look deep for alternative of energy sources. So man has invented atomic energy, a huge amount of electricity can be produced thus many developed countries are using atomic power to fulfill their energy requirements.


The use of technology is not a bad thing but excess use of technology is harmful to humans. Machines have been placed instead of humans and we are completely depended on these machines. Atomic energy is common in these days but this should only be used for peaceful purposes instead of in wars. Technology has the made the life of humans comfortable but may be it is the biggest disadvantage of technology. if we use technology in good and positive manner it will help to us.