Advantages of Computers

Computer has very old history as it was first time invented with the name of Abacus. This was the first ever form of computer could only be used for restricted functions but in recent few years due to rabidly growing information technology computer has become most important part our lives specially for scientists, engineers, doctors, teaches and as well students. Computer has made plenty of things possible which were not possible if we look into the past. With the passage of time new, Advantages of Computerlatest and superfast computers have been built. In past computers were used as type writer, calculator, tutor and games but computer of today is most fast and reliable. The uses of computer now can be seen in every field of life such as education, offices, banks, departmental stores, hospitals, research centers, shopping malls, different kinds of games etc.

In other words computer has made our world as global village.  Today we are going to share on the platform of about advantages of computers. Well there are many advantages of computers in today’s era. Well there are countless advantages of computer. Computer has made our live comfortable and luxury therefore we are completely reliable to computers. Computers are performing millions of tasks automatically in very short time which was never possible before as these tasks have to be done manually. The advantages of computer machine are discussed in different filed below.

Advantages of Computers to Reduce Un-employment:
Today the foremost problem the world is facing is un-employment. Un-employment is caused many problems for people. There are millions of educated people are wondering about for jobs but computers have solved this problem somehow as computers are being used everywhere in these days such as educational institutions, multinational companies, banks, departmental stores, offices in other words computers are the part of every field today we are living. So to use these computers operators are required therefore job opportunities are automatically created. Thousands of educated people around the world are connected with this professional and earing handsome amount as livelihood.

Advantages of Computer in Education:
Computers are playing vital role in the field of education. The field which has mostly benefited with the invention of computer is education. Education now is being given through computers. Computers are the part of every educational institutions, it can be been seen in universities, colleges, schools. In these days get education is more essential if we compare it to the past. Computer alongwith internet has provided another marvelous opportunity to give online education.  Nobody thought in early 1990s that one day education could be given online throughout the world. The other name of online education is called distance education. It is great invention especially for those for who cannot travel for the purpose of education due to some domestic of financial problems because online education has made it easy to get education everywhere you are in the world as you just need a Personal Computer and internet.

Advantages of Computers in Banking:
Computers have very importance in the field of banking as it has

Advantages of Computers in Medical Fieldmade life easier and reliable to control the banking system. In past all the task in the field of banking had to be done manually which was never easy as it takes so much time and hard work but the advancement of computers technology the banking world has now been changed. We can transfer money across the world with safety. We all know crimes are increasing rabidly in the world and in such situation carrying cash amount with you is full of dangerous but due to computers and online internet banking this problem has been ended because of plastic money such as credit card, smart card, ATM card.

Advantages of Computers in Business:
Computers are considered necessary for business. Computer is the revolutionary invention in the field of business as you can make your business more profitable with the use of computers. It is easy to have contact with you concerned persons and companies relating to your business with the help of computers and internet. You can always remain aware about on-going matters in the world associated to your business. Nowadays a company which is not taking benefits of computer technology according to us is in loss. You can reach your costumer with the help of computers or you can sale your product online. The advertisement is the key to a business and in these days there is no alternative of internet yet in the field of business. Online advertisement companies have been established that are keeping help the businessmen to enhance their businesses.

Advantages of Computers in Medical Field:
Well computers are considered necessary in the field of medical. If we talk about medical field everything is computerized now. Computers are being used in medical offices such as hospitals, researches centers & laboratories. With the help of computers and internet professors, doctors can communicate with their seniors and specialist across the world for taking help & tips.  Computers have made eased to discover diseases properly in human bodies. Computers are also using for treatment of people.

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