Amanda Knox Once Again Found Guilty in Murder Case

Amanda Knox once convicted for murder case as the Italian Court reinstated the case. In the year of 2007 Amanda alongwith her boyfriend Raffaele was arrested as they have been alleged to kill the twenty one year old British student.

Amanda whose birth name is Amanda Marie Knox is US women Amanda Knox Once Again Found Guilty in Murder Caseand was born on 9th of July 1987 in Washington, America. She is the daughter of Edda Mellas and the parents of Amanda got divorced when she was in childhood. Amanda travelled to Italy for study purposes in the month of Sep-2007.  She was studying in University of Foreigners and was living with Meredith Kercher who was the British citizen. Amanda started romantic relations with Raffaele Sollecito who was  studying engineering. On the day of 1st November 2007 Meredith Kercher was found dead in the house where Amanda was also residing. Statistical says there were two person involved to kill the British student. The Italian police arrested Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele by alleging the murder of Kercher.  During four year trial Amanda and Raffaelle were convicted to murder Kercher and moved them to prison in 2009 but in October 2011 she was declared innocent and got independence from prison. On 26th of March 2013 to case was overturned therefore Knox once again opened.

Amanda returned to his home in US but in on Thursday the court of Italy reinstated and once again convicted Amanda in murder case. Amanda earlier said that she was frightened and distressed and she has been not involved to murder a boy. When she was released Amanda praised the justice of Italian court but as the case has once again opened therefore Amanda is worried.

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