American Drone Attacks in Pakistan and Its Sovereignty

American Drone Attacks in Pakistan

Developed countries of the world use different planes for espionage. In these espionage planes the most nominated plane is MQ Reaper 9. The weight of this plane is 2,223 kilogram and the width of its wings is 66 feet. It has 900 horsepower engines. This plane can carry 1701 kilogram missile. To fire a missile, this plane should be needed to fly at the minimum height of 25 thousand feet in the sky. This plane has latest laser technology that can be controlled with computer. American espionage planes can fly without Pilot. Al least two person needed to control it with the help of computer.

After the 9/11 US with the help of its coalition partners attacked on Afghanistan and destroyed the government of Talban. After that the Afghanistan become the place of war, more than 2 lac warriors are still fighting in Afghanistan and using drones attack against Talban and Al-Qaida. U.S is continuously attacking in tribal areas of Pakistan since 2005 with drones.

American Drone Attacks in Pakistan-2

American administration directly attacked in Pakistan in 2005 in the tribal areas and for this purpose espionage planes and helicopters are being used. U.S first time attacked in Pakistan on 13th May 2005, and these attacks are taking place regularly since then. Likewise American fired more than 85 missiles during the period of five years. According to the government of Pakistan more than 15 hundred people has been died and 98% were innocence. Many from these were children and old person who are completely innocence. The advisor to U.S army said that 14 terrorist has been killed in almost 100 drone’s attacks. Moreover David advised to U.S army to stop the attacks in Pakistan but this advice was been rejected. The President Obama says we are fighting against terrorists; we will kill them wherever they are found.  Drones attacks are being continued despites lots of protest by Pakistan Government.

Pakistan has lost too many lives of people in tribal areas; people living in these areas are frightened always. They are bond to remain in their houses. No one consider save himself on this land. Pakistan already been testified with lots of crises like energy crises, educational crises, corruption crises etc., Pakistan government should protest against the attacks at internationally for its stoppage. United Nation should also take interest in this alarming situation as many innocence are been martyred.

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