American Popular Singer Jennifer Jerawat Accepted Islam

One of the famous American singer and Arab Got Talent position holder Jennifer Jerawat has embraced the Islam. After the one month of participation in Arab Got Talent a video was shared on sharing website in which Jennifer can be seen to accept the religious of Islam. There were two persons in the video one was religious scholar belongs to Marrakesh and other can be the fiancée or husband of Jennifer Jerawat.

The age of Jennifer Jerawat is 23 years who was born in Mesa Costa which is state of United States of America. Last month musical competition was held in Lebanon. The name of competition wasAmerican Popular Singer Jennifer Jerawat Accepted Islam Arabs Got Talent in which Jennifer performed really well and got the place in final. But unfortunately she could not win the title because a singer belonging to Syria performed well as compare to Jennifer however Jennifer was the third most talented singer in Arabs Got Talent. Jennifer has graduated in French, the interesting thing is that Jennifer had not full command over Arabian language but she learnt Arabic language for singing.

On the time of embracing Islam Jennifer said accepting words of Islam and then recite few verses of Holy Quran. In these days Jennifer Jerawat is residing in Marrakesh. Jennifer was fully satisfied with her decision to accept the Islam and was feeling comfortable.

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