Another Scandal for Veena Malik

Pakistani actresses working in the Bollywood film industry has just been married last week but the scandal is still looking to Veena Malik. Veena Malik got marriage with Asad Bashir who is a businessman in Dubai however the former boyfriend of Veena Malik has Another Scandal for Veena Malikregistered an F.I.R in Mumbai. Shant Partap Singh who is Indian Businessman said that Veena made a call to his mother and threat not to say anything on media in this scandal therefore F.I.R act of 507 has been registered against Veena Malik

Shant Partap Singh said that he helped the Veena Malik for several of time when she visited India. He said he wanted to marry with Veena Malik and we have made mutual plans for marriage however Veena shockingly got marriage in Dubai. More over Shant said that he was bearing all the expense of Veena while staying in Mumbai and she also promised to marry with me however she got married with Asad in Dubai on 25th of December. When I made call to Veena she also threated me.

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