Beautiful Pictures of Kashmir Valley

Beautiful Pictures of Kashmir Valley-II

Kashmir is state which is situated in Pakistan Northwest India and it has area of 69547 square miles. This state was divided into two parts in 1947 since then India has complete hold on 39102 square miles which is called Jammu and Kashmir and remaining part is called Independent Kashmir. The capital of Jammu an Kashmir is Srinagar and as well as the capital of independent is Muzaffarabad.

The population of Kashmir is about 10 million and 2.5 million Kashmiri are independent and the ratio of Muslims in Kashmir is 80%. English sold Jammu and Kashmir to Dogra Raja Ghulab for 7.5 million in 1846.  On the occasion of partition between Pakistan and India Hindu Raja declared it Indian area after that first ever war started between Pakistan and India which seas fired on 01 January 1949 due to interruption of Security Council. The Resolution which was approved in 1948 for referendum and the evacuation of Pak and Indian armies could not proceed further. The Indian Prime Minster of that time promised for referendum it is still pending.

The other name of Kashmir is Paradise of Earth due its natural beauties. Kashmir is one of the beautiful Valleys of the world. It has plenty of placed that attract the tourists throughout the world every year. We have provided some awesome pictures of Kashmir which can also be used as wallpapers or themes.

Beautiful Pictures of Kashmir Valley-III

Beautiful Pictures of Kashmir Valley-IV

Beautiful Pictures of Kashmir Valley-I

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