Benefits of Education and Skills

Benefits of Education and SkillsSkill and education comparatively are different things but both are relating to mind of humans. There are many benefits of education and skills. Education is the blessing of God in fact education is light of God. Education is a wealth that can bring man on right path the path which leads to God. Islam orders us to get education.

Islam stresses religious and as well as secular education but religious education have preference. We bear thousands of rupees to get engineering, science, doctoral degrees but despite of all these degrees we are still unskillful. In fact no one is interesting to getting education everyone interesting to achieving the degrees for their bright future only. If we see situation of our country thousands of young are wondering about for earning their livelihood. We do have less jobs opportunities. The main problem is that no one has proper skills although they have gained degrees but due to lack of skills people especially young are facing so many problems. Skills person can make part to the progress of any country. Our government should take serious interest in this regard. Here are mentioned few suggestions that can help to promote skills in our youths:-

  • Skills courses should also teach alongwith educational subjects in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.
  • Short term English language courses should be common in every institution.
  • Business skills should be given.
  • Job opportunities should be provided.
  • Proper skills education institutions should be opened.

God has blessed humans with so many skills. People are disobeying the blessing of God by wasting their skills. Man should use his skills and never disappointed you just need to struggle as God helps those who help themselves. There are many benefits of skill education few are mentioned below:-

  • Skills prevent from unemployment.
  • Skills enhance the confidence of person.
  • Skill person never becomes victim of starve decay.
  • Skill person helps to progress of country.

Although skill and education are two different things, education has its own benefits and as well as skills has its own. Today education and skills are considered compulsory for living good life. Human is the best creation of God it should never be disappointed instead of these he should make use of his skills.

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