Top 10 Best Law Colleges in Lahore, Pakistan

Law is very noble professions. Majority of students want to study law after completion of graduate program. It is most respectful and profitable profession. It helps to find justice for people. Moreover, a successful lawyer earns handsome income and lives prosperously. I was searching on internet about law colleges in, Lahore Pakistan but I was amazed that there is no such platform is available to provide true information to the students. Therefore, we decided to post about best law colleges in Lahore. Our experts visited the city and collected information of colleges, analyzed and managed to prepare a list of Top 10 Best Law Colleges in Lahore on the basis on quality of education and standard of institutions. The details of colleges have been discussed below:-

Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore:

Among best colleges in Lahore, Quaid-e-Azam College maintains its standards by providing legal education to the students. This college has maintained a tradition of innovation, diversity, and opportunity. Due to its consistency, it is included among one of the best colleges. Quaid-e-Azam College was established in 1987 and is the first law college which is included in Punjab private sector. Continuous increasing number of students in the institution clearly shows that this institution is the place for law students. Now, QLC established many other campuses other than Punjab. Evening classes have been provided to the executive students so that they can easily manage studies with jobs. QLC library is filled with Journal related books and they have maintained a well-stocked library. Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan (Nafeer A. Malik) was appointed as a principal, but this was back in good times when senior Bar and Bench members appreciate the legal studies in private law sectors. Quaid e Azam College set its mission declaration as “authorized education with some change”. Contact information of college is given below:-

  • Address: 10 G Model Town, Lahore.
  • Email ID
  • Contact No. 042-111-000-752

Punjab Law College, Lahore:

Punjab Law College holds the honor of being the first and the best law college in the private division. Mian Amir Mehmood who is the Lahore’s former mayor and the chairman of Punjab group laid its foundation in 1987. Mian Amir tried his best to make this institution to the top in law studies. After struggling for 20 years, finally, the law institution is enjoying its distinguished reputation and is considered to be best among the law colleges in Punjab. On every passing day, it is even attaining the new heights. The basic aim of Punjab College is to provide the worth education to the young generation. To achieve this aim, the proficient and competent faculty has been hired and their task is to create the learning environment. Punjab College has many campuses other than Punjab, and each campus has the best-hired staff.  Morning and evening shifts have been arranged for students who really want to learn but with time clash they can’t get admission to their desired discipline. Contact information of college is given below:-

  • Address: 14-C New Muslim Town Noon Avenue, Lahore.
  • Contact No. 042-35866814

National Law College, Lahore:

National Law College is established since 1988 and it is one of the leading law colleges and endowing legal education to all the enrolled students. National Law College provides the excellent learning environment to the students and the compatible judges, lawyers, and bureaucrats are contributing in this field just for the bright future of Pakistan. NLC always believed in practical education as without experience and practical knowledge the theory becomes nothing. For this national law college established an Intra College Law Moot competitions and Mock Trials through which they are encouraging the students to compete at national level. NLC has a splendid history and it is all due to endless efforts of its highly qualified staff and heads. Many of the heads/ principals of NLC are actually scholars of international prominence. Presently, Prof. Zill I Atif is heading the NL College who previously had run institutions like Punjab Law College, Quaid-e-Azam Law College and also was a faculty member of GCU Faisalabad. He is the one who takes the institution to the top level. Contact information of college is given below:-

  • Address: Suharward Road, Ali Block, Garden Town, Lahore
  • Email ID
  • Contact No. 042-35880304

Pakistan Law College, Lahore:

Pakistan Law College is basically a student grooming center where teachers help the students in finding the best among them. Pakistan Law College was established in 1996 and got affiliated with Punjab University in September 1996. The campus is situated in New Garden Town in Tipu Block. It is a non-profit organization which is run by a private sector. It is a professional training center of future lawyers. To achieve the goal, Pakistan Law College provides an inspiring and effective faculty that can teach/coach students in pursuing oral and written advocacy skills and also train the students in legal analysis. Pakistan Law College is continuously making progress by securing the top position in international programs and university results. PLC students have also performed very well in internationals forums. The academic block is completely separate from the administration block and is located on the front side of college. The students, faculty members and the staff work together to form a good connection with each other and in return develop pride on way to the institution. Information of college is given below:-

  • Address: 46 Babar Street, Lahore.
  • Contact No. 042-35831801.

University Law College Punjab University:

ULC is the oldest college in Lahore and is known by the oldest law college. In 1870’s the law classes were taken by the Punjab University (Law College). At first, no examination and classes rules were established but in 1873 Punjab University rules were designed by the senate to get admissions in the college. University Law College is considered to be one of the best law colleges where hundreds of students enroll themselves to get the law schooling. Anjuman-i-Punjab initiated the law classes in 1868 and in 1870 they were taken by the college. Entry test sessions were introduced in 1873 for students who want to take admissions in law programs. The same year pleader ship examination was also allowed by the Chief Court to the college. In 1887, students who have passed their intermediate examination prepare a prerequisite for admission to a law program. The government of India in 1890 authorizes the college to confer LL.D and LL.B. In 1964, High Court of West Pakistan directed and extended LL.B to three years. The college has also offered many diplomas as labor laws, taxation laws, intellectual property laws etc. Contact detail of college is given below:-

  • Address: Quaid-e-Azam Campus Punjab University, Lahore.
  • Contact No. 042-99231275-76

Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS):

LUMS in 2013 announced the opening of Law School in the name of Shaikh Ahmad Hassan (SAHSOL). This was the fourth school. This law school have been functioning since 2004 and making progress day by day. The degree of five years joint program of (BA-LLB) is certified by Pakistan Bar Council. In this degree, students first spend two years in getting the academic prerequisites just to get the legal training. In the first two years, computer skills and vital communication training are also be given to the students. In the next three years of BA-LL.B, the students will be trained under a rigorous environment and get their specialization and some exposure to the fundamental law subjects. Students will also be exposed to different areas like regulation, policy making, and economics etc. due to the valuable performance of LUMS in the field of science and engineering, humanities, social sciences, management and LAW it is considered to be the best university in Pakistan.below. Contact below for more information:-

  • Address: Opposite Sector U, DHA, Lahore.
  • Contact No. 042-35608000

National Law College, Lahore:

National Law College is one of the best and leading law school whose major goal is basically a student grooming where teachers help the students in finding the best among them. This 3 Years LLB program consists of many learning stages. In this program, students are advised and focused on verbal and other technical skills. The online program is also available for those who are working and for those women who are not allowed to leave the house. Facilities like transport, vehicle etc is also provided to the students. NLC have a financial assistance program through which scholarships are given to the most deserving students so that they can continue their studies without any difficulty and can contribute to the development of our country. National Law College is making progress day by day by introducing different fields and also improving their standards by arranging seminars and other workshops. Students after completing their intermediate can apply for LLB in National Law College. Students have to qualify the entry test for admission in NLC.


City Law College, Lahore:

City Law College is a non-profit organization and run by a private sector. This college has made its remarkable place among other law colleges by securing the first position among different competitions, diploma courses and other programs that are held on an international level. This college has also secured the top position in university results. The basic aim of Punjab College is to provide the worth education to the young generation. To achieve the aim of success and legal education, the proficient and competent faculty has been hired and their task is to create the learning environment. In this college, students are allowed to know about the faculty members, members of the bar, superior court judges, and their Dean. Students met with different scholar all from the world who is considered to be best in their respective field. This institute is considered to be the nation’s best law college. Extra classes are also held for students who are weak in some areas.

  • Address:
  • Contact No. 0320-4320500

University College, Lahore:

University college Lahore is associated with LSE (London School of Economics), Birkbeck University, Queen Mary, SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies) and University College London. Among all, university of London is considered to be the best in providing Gold Standards. The LLB program which is given by UCL develops a critical alertness of the legal law tradition and to apply for the problem and analytical solving skills of non-legal and legal settings. In many of the jurisdictions, students have to take an additional professional course for their practice just to learn the practical skills when they are qualified for a barrister or a solicitor. Those who are graduated from UCL also qualified for the Entry Test of Bar Council which is much needed for work in Pakistan. UCL provides the students an international degree which is the first step for their bright future. Beside course subjects, UCL also focuses on communication skills, argument, and analysis.

  • Address: 5 KM Raiwind Road, Lahore.
  • Contact No. 042-35963335

Government College, Lahore:

The law subject was introduced for the very first time in Government College University in 2004. The Law department is in the Political Science department. The law subject is an allied subject that majorly focuses on legal knowledge and norms, prevalent in the state etc. currently the law department is in the shadow of political science department so it is not considered to be an independent department yet. Law subject is the best opportunity for those who want to pursue their career in this field. the initial courses are introductory just to familiarize the students with the function and nature of laws and the role in our society. This course also contains additional information regarding legal systems in Pakistan and other countries. The Law department has its own society which is known as “the law society”. The law society holds cocurricular activities like society meetings, organizing events and other such activities.

  • Address:                                     Near Nasir Bagh, Katchery Road, Lahore.
  • Contact No.                               042-111-000-010

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