Best places to visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is not only the beautiful city of Pakistan but it is one of the most attracted cities of the world. Islamabad is situated 518 meter high from the surface of sea. After the partition of Pakistan and India the Karachi was declared the capital city of Pakistan but the President of Pakistan General Ayub Khan decided to make Islamabad as the capital city of Pakistan due to some reasons. The Government of Pakistan contacted to a Greek Firm “Doxiadis” for proper and beautiful design of Islamabad.  The team of Doxiadis designed the capital city of Pakistan in 1958 and the construction of Islamabad was started in 1961.  Islamabad is known as the valley of mountains. There are numerous mountains in Islamabad which are the causes of its beauty. The population of Islamabad was about 1151,868 in 2011. The weather condition of Islamabad is beautiful especially in winter season plenty of citizens of Pakistan and thousands of foreign tourists come in Islamabad to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are numbers of beautiful places in Islamabad which attract various tourists every year during the winter season. We have brought information about some wonderful and best places to visit in Islamabad for you:-

 Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad:

Shah Faisal Mosque IslamabadShah Faisal Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world and biggest in the subcontinent of Asia. It is the religious place for Muslims.  It gives beautiful view from Margalla Hills. This Mosque was named with the Saudi Prince Shah Faisal Abdul Aziz. The construction of Shah Faisal Mosque was started in 1976 and about 10 year completion period Shah Faisal Mosque was ready to perform religious obligations for Muslim. The project of Shah Faisal Mosque was completed with the financial help of Saudi Arabia. The capacity of Shah Faisal Mosque is more than 80 thousands. This mosque was designed by Vedat Dalokay who was a Turkish Architecture. The estimated cost of construction of Shah Faisal Mosque is US $ 120 million. It has four 90 meter high pillars which make it even so beautiful. It is the great architect place of today’s era. It is recommended that whenever you have chance to travel Islamabad you must visit Shah Faisal Mosque.

Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad:

Margalla Hills National Park IslamabadMargalla Hills National Park is one of the great places in Islamabad which is covered by beautiful mountains. The mountains around the National Park are called Margalla Hills. The atmosphere of National Park remains pleasant & cool every time. This place especially formed by administration for creating attractions for tourists. There is excellent greenish forest in National Park Islamabad which gives great view to eyes. In the season of spring different kind of flowers and beautiful plants can been seen here therefore it is the reason any tourist came to Islamabad never gone without visiting the beautiful place in Islamabad.

Pakistan Museum of National History Islamabad:

Pakistan Museum of National History IslamabadPakistan Museum of National History was established after 29 years of independence in 1976 which is located Garden Avenue, Zone-III near Shakar Parian Islamabad. There are amounts of historical items can be seen in National Museum of Pakistan. Pakistan Museum of National History Islamabad is opened for every one every day. It is historical place therefore educational institutions manage their trip to visit this museum for enhancing their knowledge. Foreigners love to visit national Museum of Pakistan to get information about the history of Pakistan.

Islamabad Zoo:

Islamabad ZooIslamabad Zoo is excellent place for every age of people. Zoo was established in 1978 which is consisted on 82 acre and under the supervision of Capital Development Authority Islamabad. Especially children love to visit Islamabad Zoo because there are 600 different kinds of animals are being kept in Islamabad Zoo. The main purpose of establishing the Islamabad Zoo was to provide the visiting place to children. The Islamabad Zoo is being kept clean and washed. Thousands of people visit the Islamabad Zoo ever year.

Shakarparian Hills Islamabad:

Shahkar Parian IslamabadShakar Parian is also the excellent place in Islamabad that attracts numbers of tourists due it natural beauty. The location of Shakar Parian is near to zero point. On the hills of Shakar Parian the beautiful lake known as Rawal Lake can be seen. The beautiful view of Rawal Lake gives great look to eyes. The water of Rawal Lake is clean as crystal. Shakar Parian is the ideal place to be visited in Islamabad.


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