Top 10 Best Universities in Australian 2018

This post has Top 10 Best Universities in Australian 2018 according to standard and quality. Australia is the smallest continent in the world and the population of Australia is about 20 million. It is one of the great destination in the world for providing quality education. You are independent to study according to your desired ambitions because plenty of different kinds of courses are being offered in the universities of Australia with affordable fees, therefore it is the reason Australia is known exceptional region for educational purposes in the in the world. The degrees issued by the Australian educational institutions are acceptable everywhere in fact these degrees have preference as compare to others educational institutions in the world. The teaching and administrative staff is very much supported to students in Australian.

Moreover friendly and cultural study environment is being seen in almost all institutions in Australia.  The government of Australia has very good plans for national and as well as international students. Australian government finances to foreign eligible student to continue their study. There are plenty of educational institutions in Australia providing incomparable education therefore number of international students wish to study Australia but to select a good institutions or quality universities is never an easy task so we have brought in this webpage information about top universities in Australia.

University of Melbourne:

University of Melbourne is the top educational institution in the Australia which was established in 1853. The creator of University of Melbourne was Hugh Childers who was an auditor general and as well as has been the finance minister in 1852. Different kinds of undergraduate, graduate,  Top Universities in Australiaand post graduate education is being given in the Melbourne University. Some short courses are also being offered in this university and Melbourne University is also known as the distance education or online education. Moreover scholarships are also offered to intelligent international students.

Australian National University:  

Australian National University is popular educational institutions in Australia which is also known as ANU. ANU was created in 1946 and is located at Canberra, Australia. It has many campuses across the country. There are about 4000 working staff and about 20,000 students get education every year in Australian National University. Engineering, law, environmental, Biological, law and computer education for different level is offered in Australian National University. Australian National University has the 48th world ranking.

University of Queensland:

University of Queensland was founded in 1909 and this educational institution is 5th exceptional institution in Australia and it is also the research center. About 50,000 students get education every year in the University of Queensland. University of Queensland was especially designed due to the independence of Queensland. The education in Arts, Business, Economics, Engineering, I.T, Health, Sciences and as well law is given in the University of Queensland. University of Queensland is very much suitable especially for foreign students.

University of Sydney:   

The University of Sydney which is mostly known as the Sydney University was established in 1850. University of Sydney is one of the oldest educational institution in Australia and it is ranked 38th in the world. Plenty of Australian famous personalities were being studied in this educational institution. The quality education is being offered here therefore it is the reason that more than 50,000 thousands get education. There are 3000+ working and teaching staff in University of Sydney. The architecture of University of Sydney is incredible therefore it is one of the most beautiful university of the world.

Monash University:

Monash University was founded in the year of 1958 which is another great educational institution in the Australia. It is commonly known as the Monash University in the public. Expansion in the area and standard has been made with the passage of time. There is also a research center in Monash. There are many campuses of Monash University at national and as well as international level. International campuses are being found in Malaysia, Parkville, Berwick, Gippsland, South Africa, Prato Centre, Italy, Research Centre and Academy, India and as well one campus is located in China. Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate and PHD programs are being offered in the University Monash including short courses.

University of New South Wales:

University of New South Wales is the leading university in Australia which is giving exceptional education since 1949 and it has 60th rank in the world. Most of people call it UNSW. The education is being given in Arts, Science, Business, Environment, Law, Medicine, Engineering and Fine Arts. 50,000 + student study in the University of New South Wales. The motto of University is “Scientia Manu Mente” which can be translated in English as Knowledge and hand and mind.

University of Western Australia:

The University of Western Australia was formed by the Western Parliament in the month of February in the year of 1911. There are 9 faculties in the University of Western Australia such as Arts, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Computer Engineering, Education and Indigenous Studies. The world ranking of University of Western Australia is 90 which is progressing with the passage of time due to providing quality education in this region.

University of Adelaide:

University of Adelaide is the oldest educational institution in the Australia as it was found in 1874. The motto of Adelaide is “The Light of Learning under Southern Cross”. University main campus is located at North Terrace and the other campuses are National Wine Centre, Waite, Roseworthy Thebarton and Singapore. Faculties of University of Adelaide are Engineering, Computer, Mathematics, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Professions and as well as Sciences. The working staff is about 32,00 in the university and 25,000 students gain education every year. The rank of University is 95 in the world.

Macquarie University:

University of Macquarie is an teaching and as well as public university which was created in 1964. There is 2,300 admin staff and more than 40,000 students get higher education each year. International students are warmly welcomed in the university and a handsome scholarship is also offered to the intelligent students therefore a number of students across the world come to study here.

University of Technology Sydney:

University of Technology commonly called as UTS is another great institution located in Sydney was established in 1981 which was a technical college before. There are four campuses in the university are as Haymarket, Broadway, Chippendale and as well as Kuring-gai. The faculties are being found as Social Science, Business, Architecture & Building, Information Technology Science and Health. The Motto of University is Think Change and Do. There is 2700 admin staff and about average 30,000 students are getting education every year.

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