Beyonce Unexpectedly Surprised Everyone by Releasing Visual Album

Beyonce Unexpectedly Surprised Everyone by Releasing Visual AlbumBeyonce surprised everyone due to releasing new album unexpectedly. The new album has been given the name of “Visual Album” which was released on itunes on Friday morning. Each song contains a video in the new album of Beyonce and there are 14 songs in visual album.

Beyonce is  the pet name, real or birth name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter but she has been known as the Beyonce in the world of singing. Beyonce is the most popular and liking singer and as well as songwriter of United States of America who was born on 4th of September 1981 in the New York, America. She is the daughter of Mathew Knowles who was an Sales Manager in Xerox. Beyonce got early school education from Frederiksberg and also get involved in the dance classes during the period of study at early age. She has been outstanding in the school life as concerned to singing. She got real fame at audition when danced on the talent show with her two other colleague ones. With the passage of time she entered into the film industry and also starts singing professionaly. Due to her tremendous performance and hardworking she has now been the most favourite and popular singer, artists and as well as songwriter in the Hollywood film industry and blockbuster.  She has sang many beautiful songs and some are really popular in the people of America and surrounding areas.

The 32 years old Beyonce surprised each and everyone by releasing the new album Visual album because no one was expecting about the album. It is the amazing thing that every artist around the world usually takes some time to release the new album because it has fear about failure and as well success but Beyonce has done remarkable thing by releasing the album without fearing and taking caring of anything. Beyonce hopes that the new album will be praised by the lovers to give her more confidence in the career of singing.  The songs of new album are available on the itunes official website which can be listened and downloaded as per requirements of the people.

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