Biography and Pictures of Beautiful Pakistani Politician Sharmila Farooqi

Who is Sharmila Farooqi

Women in Pakistan have started to take interest in politics in recent few years and have been doing well with their education, skills and experience. Sharmila Farooqi is of the beautiful and younger Pakistani politicians who belong to Pakistani famous party Pakistan People Party which is known as PPP. Sharmila Farooqi is the daughter of the Usman Farooqi who was an bureaucrat and was really close friend to Pakistani Present Asif Ali Zardari. Usman Farooqi has been the Chairman of Pakistan steel mills. Sharmila Farooqi has done MBA from University of Karachi and also holding the Master’s degree in Law.

Sharmila Farooqi as Politician

Sharmila Farooqi was been elected for MPA for the period of 2008 to 2013 during the PPP last government. Sharmila has been to advisor to Chief Minister of Sindh during her MPA period. It has been said that Sharmila Farooqi was the best spooking personality in assembly. Sharmila got engagement with Hashim Riaz recently who is also the son of close friend of Asif Ali Zardari.

Beautiful Pictures of Sharmila Farooqi

The mail reason to write the article titled Biography and pictures of beautiful Pakistani politician Sharmila Farooqi is to provide you some beautiful pictures of Sharmila Farooqi. Sharmila Farooqi is one of the stylish, beautiful and attracted Pakistani politicians. She is known due to her great and beautiful personality.  We have selected few beautiful pictures of Sharmila Farooqi to use wallpaper or screen picture for your desktop and mobiles phone.

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