Celebration of Christmas Eve 2018 in America

Christmas Eve in AmericaChristmas Eve is the national holiday in United States of America which is celebrated before one day of Happy Christmas every year on 24 December. It is the traditional day which starts as soon as the sun sets of 24th December. First time Christmas Eve was celebrated in the year of 1914 and the purpose of celebrating this day is remember that during the World War the fight between British and Germany was ended.

On that occasion people celebrated Christmas first time on the evening of 24th December 1914, the Christmas songs were also being sung. There is also national holiday on the 24th December in United States of America therefore people living in the region enjoy a lot and also greet to each other and pray for them for their prosperous future.

It is not only celebrated in the United States but also in some other countries and it has been seen that a handsome amount is being spent to celebrate Christmas Day.

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