Chris Weidman Holds the UFC Belt as Anderson Silva Injured

Los Vegas: The Fighter Chris Weidman still holding the Belt of Ultimate Fighting Championship. The match was held between the Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva at Los Vegas in which Anderson got serious injury as his leg was broken. Therefore the match refry ended the match thus Chris still having the title of UFC Belt.

Chris Weidman is the US mixed martial artist and connected to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and has been the middleweight champion. Chris has the number 1 ranking in the world in middleweight. Chris was born on 17th June 1984 in New York. Chris got early education from Baldwin Senior High School and graduated from Hofstra University.

Chris Weidman Holds the UFC Belt as Anderson Silva Injured

Whereas, Anderson Da Silva is 38th year old fighter who was born on 14th April 1975 in Brazil, the father of Anderson was an poor man therefore Anderson usually lived with his aunt’s house and his uncle was an police officer. Silva started his professional career in 1997 where he won the fight since then he has been most successful Brazilian fighter.

The fight between Chris and Silva wa scheduled ted on Saturday night for the title of Belt for UFC. In the first round Silva was little nerves due to the power of Weidman however the first round was reasonable good for the both of the fighters. In the second round Silva tried to throw his a leg kick but Weidman holds his leg and during this process the leg of Silva was broken. Therefore the match refry announced to end the match thus the title of UFC belt was retained by the Weidman. When audience showed reply in which clearly can be seen that the leg of Silva broken at that moment audience thought that the career of Silva has been ended but they might have to wait for some time.

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