Custody and Educational Rights of Children

Custody and Educational Rights of Children

Children are special blessing of Allah. Children are like flowers they only need good and proper care from their parent to grow well. It has been found that the parents who give special care to their children in initial stages of development their children remain successful in their whole life in every field. The custody and educational rights of children is very important problem of today. It has noticed from a research that they children who do not have confidence cannot pay attention to their study, games and other activities.

In shape of children Allah has blessed you great gift now it is at your end to take care of them value of your children, do not beat them, do not punish them due to their little mistakes and whenever they make big mistakes understand them with love. Put your home’s things out of reach from children.

Parents should not be quarreled with each other all the time in homes because children can be victimized of depression. When children see the bad environment of homes they want to go away from their parents. The children go out and join the bad societies that destroy the life of child and for all this parents are responsible.  It is parent moral and religious obligation to take care of their child, to provide good and religious environment in home.

Do not make difference between your children give them equal rights does not matter what they are. Never go for divorce in any situation in fact compromise with each other for the benefits of your children. After the divorce so many problems create for mother including financial problem therefore the mother go out for earning livelihood for their children and these children without their mother and father wonder about and they become social evils of society. This situation gets more harmful to children when a mother gets second marriage. The Allah Almighty has given strict order to all humans that they pay special attention to fulfill the human rights moreover He said that Allah can forgive His rights but the rights of human can never be forgotten. The children rights are also the part of Allah’s order and on the Day of Judgment Allah will ask you about your children.  Parents Quarrel

When a life of child is destroyed the parents of child are also remain worried throughout the life.  It is therefore requested to all the parents to take care of your children, they should provide good education, give good knowledge about religion, take care of their health, don’t anger with them all the time, give proper guidelines according to the teaching of Islam. Follow some steps to make your children successful and happy in the life:-

  • If your children do erroneous something in that case doesn’t punish them hard and understand them with love.
  • Parents should not quarrel each other all the time in front of children because it destroys the peace of children.
  • Give them the teaching of Islam, offer pray, recite holy Quran and guide them to do also the same.
  • Don’t go for divorce by any mean in fact create solution of problems and compromise every time.
  • Keep gap of two or three years between children as mother can properly take care of child.
  • Give equal rights of children never make difference between them.
  • Give respect to children for this they will respect of you and others.
  • Give them quality education.

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