Darren Shaper Arrested in Los Angeles Alleged Rape Cases

Darren Shaper has been arrested in Los Angeles due to the allegations of sexual assault. The police officials of Los Angeles confirmed this news that Darren has been arrested on Friday afternoon, however Darren than released on bail of $200,000 at night. Los Angeles Police said that Darren has been arrested for two rape casesDarren Shaper Arrested in Los Angeles Alleged Rape Cases that were occurred in October and as well as in this month.

The birth name of Darren is Darren Mallory Sharper but he is popular as Darren Sharper who was born on 3rd of November 1975 in Virginia. Darren was a National Football League player who played football from 1997 to 2010. Darren got early education from College of William and Mary and he also started to play football in his early age at the same place. He started to play professionally in the year of 1997 playing for Green Bay Packers since then he became one of the most famous and talented player of Football in America. Knee injury is caused to end the career of great player in America. The fitness level of Daren Sharper was checked but he declared Physically Unable to perform therefore, after playing for 13 years Darren had to retired.

According to Sally Madera who is the spokeswoman of Los Angeles Police Department there are two allegations against the Darren Sharper as he is involved in rape cases. Darren Sharper is working as Analyst for National Football League this time and it has been said that Darren has been suspended from NFL even without issuing any notice. Darren has got bail on two Lac American Dollars.

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