David Karp is Millionaire in the World of Technology

David Karp Is Millionaire in the World of Technology

Social media is a platform where people sit and share their thinking, few years back televisions were considered for social media but due to rapidly growth of information technology world has become global village. Latest Information technology not only facilitated the human life but it has also given sources for making people financially strong. Social websites are on peak in these days. There are many top social networking sites available on internet, some best social sites are causing to bring people close and closer from all over the world, these site are also known as social chatting websites.

David Karp is the creator of social website “Tumblr” and he is millionaire in the world of technology. David Karp has a company which is known as Tumblr, Tumblr is one of the greatest and known social website on the internet. In recent days yahoo (Search Engine Optimization Company) has bought shares of Tumblr. Yahoo bought the shares of Tumblr with huge amount of 1.1 billion dollar which will be paid to Karp in form of cash in few months.

After this deal David Karp has his personal wealth of about 220 million dollar and still has 20% shares with Tumblr Company. The 26 years old David Karp belongs to New York, America.

After separation from his parents he left the school and start learning about computer programming language at home himself. David said when he was 17 years of age he went to Japan to learn about business. Yahoo purchased the shares of Tumblr

He said he was less brilliant young man. To talk his client he made his voice heavy so that listener could not recognize his age.  He had to tell a lie for business and due to this he came back to his native country US. He started a consultant company with the name of David Wheel then converted its name to Tumblr Company. David said he made social network six years back.

Marsa the Chief Mayor of yahoo giving details of deal between Karp and yahoo said the identity of Tumblr will not be changed and will continue as individual business. Marsa said yahoo is a regional internet media and Tumblr can be profitable sources, he thinks with the help of latest search technology Tumblr social website will be developed. Moreover he said David is good, intelligent and trustable business man.

According to the sources yahoo has paid much for buying the shares of Tumblr, Tumble has good community in it but its profit is less. Few years back David giving interview to British newspaper “Guardian” said he has not any interest to merge his company with any famous technology. He said there are many rich personalities in the world but there are less people whose creation is being used worldwide.

Tumblr is multimedia micro blogging website which is famous with others social websites like Facebook, Google plus, my Space etc. Tumblr have a simple page where pictures, contacts, songs and video can be posted and shared. Thousands of people visit Tumblr daily and remained in contact.

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