Dhaka Building Collapse: Two Factory Owners Arrested Today

Dhaka Building Collapse yesterdays

April 27th: The factory owners Mahbubur Rahman Tapas and Bazlul Samad Adnan have been arrested today in early morning, which were running the Garment factory in the accused building, meanwhile police also searching two others owners and as well as  the owner of the building yet to be arrested. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has strictly ordered to arrest the owner of the building as soon as possible. Moreover, two engineers also arrested for approving the design of 8-stories building. It has been said that the building was already have cracks which needed to be repaired or declared the building dangerous, but no one have taken interest neither the owners nor the any government department.

Yesterday commercial building named Rana Plaza was collapsed in Dhaka. Thousands of workers were working in the building. Upto 300 deaths have been confirmed by the Bangladesh sources. Many people are missing, rescue works is still continued.

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