Drug Addiction in Pakistan and Some Suggestions to Finish It

Drug addiction in Pakistan and some suggestions to finish itPakistan is facing so many problems in these days and drug trafficking is one of them. The production of drugs and its uses is increased very rapidly in recent few years in Pakistan. There are millions of people in the world of drug addiction. The trade of drug is continuously increasing in Asian countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India but Pakistan is on top in this field. According to the report of Anti-Narcotic Force about 9 million drug addictions has been found in recent year in Pakistan. More drug addictions are belonged to rural areas. More than 75 thousands drugs addictions are in Lahore and most of them are heroin addictions. Due to use of drugs people are becoming patients of different diseases and the deaths are increasing due to this.

The government of Pakistan is not doing something special to stop it but many private institutions are working on it such as New Life Hospital, Najat Hospital and some others.  Private institutions are considered the biggest institutions of Pakistan which are helping the drug addictions people throughout the country. These institutions provide injections on daily basis so that addicted persons may not be victimized of dangerous diseases like cancer, HIV, Aids etc. But it is not enough government should take responsibility to stop these kinds of activities wherever is happening. The drugs addictions are increasing rapidly some reasons are mentioned here:

  • Lack of friendly environmental system at homes and bad behavior of elders.
  • Rapidly growing of population because children become patient of depression and starting to use drugs for peace of their minds.
  • It has now become fashion in colleges and universities to use drugs.
  • Easy availability and smuggling of drugs.
  • No proper arrangement by the Government.

Some suggestion for prevention of drugs

  • Government should establish suck kinds of institutions that can treat the addicted people free of cost.
  • Medicine should not be given to patient without the prescription of doctors.
  • Create employment opportunities especially for young generation.
  • Parent should change their behavior and keep eye on activities of their children.
  • Informational programs about losses of drugs should be managed at colleges and universities level.
  • ¬†Every kind of union or student organization in colleges and universities should be banned.
  • Control the rapidly growing of population.
  • Some government based institutions should be established especially in affected areas.

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