Education in abroad & Problems for Pakistani Students

studu abroad

The biggest problem in Pakistan regarding education is that the students who get education do not meet the basic requirement of information technology even about studying 16 years of education. Due to this the educated students of Pakistan have to face lot of problems to find out good and standardized jobs not only in abroad but also in Pakistan. Therefore, the students from Pakistan are going abroad for getting quality education and standard job. The universities in countries like America, Canada, England & Australia are earning billions by attracting thousands of students towards their institutions. But after 9/11 the visa’s conditions or requirements are getting really tough for Pakistanis due to this it has become so much difficult to go abroad for study purpose or it has become dream for Pakistanis to study in America and other countries. The students who are already studying there are facing many problems. Situation for Pakistani students in foreign countries is going critical with the passage of time. Nearly about a half million students are studying in different institutions in foreign countries. According to a survey students staying in foreign countries also like to continue their jobs due to good and excellent environment and facilitations.

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