Educational Problems & its solution in Pakistan

67 years have been passed since our independent, but we today are still not able to differentiate that what is bad for us and what is good for us. We sometime try to make a Muslim and sometime we follow the western style. And this situation is not only in our daily routine works but we in the field of education are not saved. We change the syllabus of our educational institutions regularly and due to this we are going towards destroy the educational system in Pakistan. We are not able to find out that what should be the language of our syllabus yet. English language syllabus is mostly liked but as we know our national

(education in Pakistan)

language is Urdu not English. Why are we doing this? Why we do not like our national language in syllabus. Children are facing so many problems due to change of syllabus at the start of every new year and it is most interesting factor that this new syllabus is equal to higher education level and really difficult for innocent children to accept it or compromise with this. The Educational system is usually holding the provincial or federal minister for Education. Our fundamental educational system is consisted or can be categorized in five steps:-

Primary                                     1 to 5

Middle                                        6 to 8

Secondary                                9 to 10

Intermediate                           11 to 12

Higher education                   13 to 16 or more

In all these steps of educational systems students face so many problems. It is really good step on the part of Government that the education on the level of primary is totally free, for this government is providing free books somewhere free uniform and others facilities but problem is that it is only for limited cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad etc. Moreover, we give priority to boys over the girls for getting education but we are forgetting that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not only stressed to get education infect declared compulsory for man and woman as well.  The literacy rate in our country is going up and up day by day instead of decreasing. Government of Pakistan should take some good steps in this field to promote the Education in Pakistan. Government should increase budget while announcing the annual budget.

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