Educational System and Crises in Pakistan

education system

Many universities and colleges have been established last few years but despite all of this our educational system is going down with the passage of time. We are bringing new changings in education system every day. Instead of removing fault we are destroying the system. Therefore, we are unable to progress as nation. After all what is the main issue and how it can be solved?

Before discuss this I want to remember you that we have created our state in the name of Islam. In the time of independence we sacrifice thousands of Muslims. We have made this state that as we will implement Islamic rules and will run this country purely according the teachings of Islam and teachings of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is said that the meaning of Pakistan is La ilaha illalah. We should have same educational system in all four provinces which make great young ones who will make our country most strong.

But it is sad that our system has been under the supervision of corrupted or unskilled people. In this great state there is no importance of Islam and Islamic education. If we want to progress in our country we will have to now should start think positively and should take some outstanding steps towards the education. If we do have good educational system than it will surely produce great people like our great leader Quid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. We should bring reforms in the system.


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