Environmental Problems in Pakistan and Its Effect on Human Life

Environmental problems and pollutions are very dangerous menace that the modern world is facing today.  Environmental problems are nearing hazardous limits because people do not have awareness of its dangerous. Today world is talking about to remove the elements that are causing environmental problems and making lives hard of people and animals. There are many environmental problems in Pakistan that are causing Pakistan big time. The population of Pakistan is increasing rabidly with the passage of time. If the population of Pakistan was one million at the time of independence most probably it would be around 300 million at the end of 21 century which will be more than American population. Floods will be common that would be harmful for Pakistan moreover the first surface of earth would be flown with flood and land will be barren and water under the earth will be polluted. Pakistan has limited sources but still it has to resolve the pollution or environmental problems at priority bases. There are many factors responsible for environmental problems in Pakistan few are mentioned here in details.

Air Pollution in Pakistan:

Air Pollution in Pakistan
Air is the most essential need of humans but really unfortunately air is more polluted than others all today in our country. Smokes coming out from factories, industries, homes and vehicles are causing of air pollution. I would say that one of the most probable reasons of air pollution is the manufacturing industries and it is really alarming situation for Pakistan that with the passage of time manufacturing industries are increasing even in residential areas. The smokes of manufacturer industries are causing of air pollution because of its dangerous gases. These deadly gases are so much dangerous for human health. Chemical reactions can also be harmful for humans and as well as for nature such as when sulfuric acid mix with water that help to make clouds and when rain’s drops fall down it effect humans, trees animals etc.

Water Pollution in Pakistan:

Environmental Problems in Pakistan and Its Effect on Human Life
Water pollution is second most dangerous factor that is causing of environmental problems not only for Pakistan but also for other countries. Water is need of every living thing on the earth in other words it is not possible to live without water. Most of Pakistani people are compel to drink the polluted water and this water is causing deaths of people and causes seriously dangerous diseases. The sewerage system in Pakistan is substandard due to this the sewerage water is mixed with drinking and people drink this water so you can imagine how it will be harmful for human body?

Noise Pollution in Pakistan:

Noise Pollution in Pakistan
Every living thing on earth love peaceful and comfortable environment noise is undesireable sound that destroys the peace of human’s minds. Plenty of traffic on the road in shape of cars, bikes, rickshaws and other vehicles are the main factors for noise pollution that are destroying the peace of people of Pakistan. Noise pollution is really common in Pakistan. With fast increase of population this environmental problem is continuously increasing day by day in Pakistan.

Solution of Environmental Problems in Pakistan:
The people and as well as the government of Pakistan will has to take some serious interests to control the environmental problems in Pakistan for living better and healthy lives. The government should take responsibility of making environment good for its people by making such laws that prohibited the environmental problems and pollutions. Print media and as well as electronic media of Pakistan should create awareness among the people about harms of environmental problems. The vehicles should be allowed on the road after proper checking of engines


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