Famous American Author Tom Clancy Passes Away in Johns Hopkins Hospital

Famous American Author Tom Clancy Passes AwayThe American famous author Tom Clancy has been died in Johns Hopkins Hospital due to ephemeral illness on first October 2013.
Tom Clancy whose birth name was Thomas Leo but he was known as the Tom Clancy in US. Tom was born on 12 April 1947 in Baltimore Maryland United States of America. Tom Clancy has been fantastic author ever in the history of America. Clancy started his career with the “The Hunt for Red October” in the year of 1985. He wrote many popular novels such as Propelled him to Fame, Fortune and Status and many others.
Tom Clancy was ill since a long and was in really pain. Tom Clancy was admitted in Johns Hopkins Hospital near to his home where he could not survive and died on 1st October 2013. Tom left behind his daughter Alexis and 4 others children from Wanda King who was Tom’s previous wife.

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