Former CFO of Amazon Joy Cover Died Due to Road Accident on Wednesday

Former CFO of Amazon Joy Cover Died Due to Bike Accident on WednesdayThe former Chief Financial Officer of Amazon and the US famous business woman has been died on Wednesday in accident. The birth place of Covey was San Mateo, California and the age of Covey was 50 years, when Covey was 17 years of age she travelled to Fresno, California and got law education from Harvard University. Covey joined Amazon in 1996 and due to her good performance she was rewarded with the post of Chief Financial Officer of Amazon. She was the one who brought Amazon on the top in the public and raised the income of Amazon in million dollars in short time. Joy Covey said goodbye to Amazon in 2000.
On 18th of September Covey was going on Skyline Boulevard, California while her bicycle hit to the minivan. She was wearing the safety helmet but it could not save Covey. Covey received serious injuries and could not survive thus the Joy Covey passed away. She left 7 years of age son.  It would be great loss to the business community because Joy had plenty business experience

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