Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela Died at 95

Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela Died at 95The former President of South Africa great Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 on Friday 06 December 2013. Nelson was ill since a long and was severely admitted to hospital and discharged. He was suffering from lung infection. Last time Mandela was admitted in Pretoria Hospital and was really in difficult time finally on the morning of Friday 06 December at the local time of around 9 am has passed away.

 Who was Nelson Mandela?
Nelson Mandela whose complete name was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on 18th of July 1918 in Umtatu which is located in Cape. The father name of Mandela was Gadla and mother was Nosekeni Fanny. When Mandela was only 9 years of age his father was died and then mother of Nelson Mandela travelled to Great Palace in Mqhekezweni. Mandela got his school education from Methodist mission School which was just away from Great Palace. Nelson got secondary education from Clarkebury Boarding Institute located in Engcobo and then graduated from University of Fort Hare. Moreover concerned about education he studied law from the University of Witwatersrand.

There was a time in South Africa when there was differentiation between black and white people. Anti-apartheid was on peek that time. Mandela started campaign to remove the differentiate between the people of South Africa. Mandela was arrested for treason case where he had to face life imprisonment. Mandela was remained prison for the period of 1964 to 1982. In 1994 he Mandela was elected as the president of South Africa and served the nation of South Africa till 1999. During his presidency period he worked for the welfare of South African people and remained successful to remove anti-apartheid system.

In February 2011 he faced Lung Infection rushed to hospitalized and then was released from hospital. His disease was continued as he was admitted to hospital for several of times. Last time he was admitted to hospital since September and his health was going down day by day and on 6th of December 2013 he said good bye to Wold and passes away. Nelson Mandela was 95 years of age.

The President of South Africa announced the death news of Nelson Mandela on local TV Channel.  Zuma the South African President said that South Africa has lost their greatest son; no one can fill his place now. It was really shocking news for the people of Africa. Mandela served his whole life for the welfare of his nation, people will remember for the rest of world.

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