General Election in Thailand Disturbed Due to Heavy Protests

General Election was scheduled today and the opposition parties have boycotted the election.  One day before election due to protest 7 people including American journalist were wounded. Voting starts normally on the time but elections affected due to heavy protests in some parts of country.General Election in Thailand Disturbed Due to Heavy Protests

Assemblies were dissolved by the former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra about one year ago and election was scheduled on Sunday 2nd of February 2014 but it was expecting that election might be disturbed due to protests of opposition parties and it happened same. According to the Election Commission of Thailand more than six million registered voters affected due to protests and these voters were not able to cast their votes.

The security was alert across the country as 1 lac 30 thousands security officials were appointed to control the proceedings of elections. Mis Yingluck who was former prime minister of Thailand invited the people to use their rights to bring democracy in the country. If she will come into the power she will bring prosperous in the country by implementing rule and regulation.

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