Google Reveals Smart Contact Lens to Monitor Glucose Level

Google has revealed Smart Contact Lens that are helpful to monitor the glucose level in body. These lenses have ability to measure glucose level from tears. Diabetes is one of the leading problems today people are facing as 1 out of 19 are victimized of diabetes. People who are having diabetes problems try to control their glucose level but toReveals Smart Contract Lens aware about glucose level every time is a difficult task and sometime it has been a painful process, however Google has solved this problem by revealing Smart Contract Lens.

A very little wireless chip is used in these lens alongwith glucose sensor and these two things are embedded between the lenses. The chip which is used in these lenses has ability to indicate level of glucose as soon as the level of diabetes increases or decreases according to required level.  18 months were spent to make these lenses but still work to be done on Smart Contact Lens for making useful every kind of person.

According to International Diabetes Federation diabetes problems is increasing very rabidly in the whole of world and it might be possibility that every person out of 10 would be having diabetes till 2035. As admiring the efforts of Google the officials of IDF said that the smart contact lens will be beneficial to aware all the time about glucose level thus people will try to manage the level as soon as it increases or decreases. This project was started several years ago but the team working on smart contract lens revealed today.

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