Halalgoogling Search Engine Invented For Muslim World

Halalgoogling Search Engine Invented For Muslims World

Halal Googling search engine has been invented in the world of internet which does not have immoral and porn data.
Halal Googling search engine provides the results from famous search engines Google and Bing but it has the facility to block the immoral and porn based data. Halal Googling search engine filters the data then shows to the user. There are four main features that it has which are

  1. Haram Keywords are not allowed to be searched in this search engine.
  2. Forbidden or block sites cannot be accessed.
  3. Link filtering that removes certain pages on website or blog relating to immoral.
  4. General category filtering that filters different categories.

It has also been said that if users found such as data which is immoral or non-Islamic than user can mail to Googling admin regarding removal of the specific data available on Googling. People from all over the world has access to all kinds of data available on internet and due to this over 1.5 billion are looking for such kind of search engine that can save their children from immoral and non-Muslim data. So it is great invention especially for Muslim world.

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