How to Apply Blush on Your face

I am hoping you ladies have practiced the art of applying the perfect base by now. I am looking forward to the next issue of brides & you for the contouring and highlighting techniques. Most of the women struggle around this area because either they can’t find the right colour nor have problems in contouring according to the shape of their face. I have brought this post especially for those women who are not found best to apply blush on face. This detailed article will surely help the people professionally

Invest in Good Brush:

Invest in a good quality professional blusher that come with the kit, as these compact size brushes are too small and the bristled. It would be great if you can also buy a contouring brush.

Select the Right Shade:

As a next step we need to establish the colour that will look best. If you exercise then recall the colour of your cheeks when exercising. Otherwise just pinch your cheek and see the resulting colour. For fair skin rose is good; for olive complexions try peach and dark skin should look good in apricot. Remember to buy a shade of brown alongwith this, for contouring.

Pick the Right Texture:

Once the colour has been decided we need to know the right formula / texture for the blusher, say (if you have oily and combination skin then powder is a good option, for dry skin try using a cream based blush and for oily skin liquid blusher may do well) and if you don’t want to get confused then just stick to the powder blush (though I would like to mention that we also mix cream and powder together for longer staying power).How to Apply Blush on Your face Shape

Cheek Contouring:

After applying the foundation we will start with the contouring, one of the most left-out step in applying make-up. You need to bear in mind the shape of your face(oval, square, rectangular, round, diamond or pear) in order to create a balance and add definition to your make-up.

Nose Contouring:

For slimming your nose apply the contouring shade on each side of your nose with the nose contouring brush, if your nose is longer then apply the powder at the tip of the nose also.

Cheek Highlighting & Blusher:

After contouring is done, place the powder brush on the apple of your cheek and gently brush up your cheekbone towards your hairline remember to dust off the extra powder from the brush. Also remember to never to do close to your nose, and last but not the least do not over do. Apply lightest shimmery colour to the cheekbone; each stage compliments the other without creating layers and a perfect blended look as seen on the model where the overall effect is a healthy dewy glow.

There are many different ways of contouring but to make it simple I will give you a very basic rule, when contouring cheeks remember to suck in your cheeks and apply the contouring powder with the contouring brush in the hollow area of your cheeks as can be seen on the model, it will surely not be blended at this stage.

Wide Foreheads:

If your forehead is wide then simply apply a light contouring powder to each temple and blend, thus creating a shadow effect causing the head to look more rounded.

How to apply Blush on a Square Face:

To round the corners of your jaw line, lightly apply the contour powder from chin to just below you’re your ears.

How to apply Blush on a Round Face:

Dust the contour shade just below the cheekbone, down to the jaw line. Blend it to make it look natural.

How to apply Blush on a Long Face:

Apply Contour shade across the middle of your forehead and very lightly along the chin line.

Hopefully these basic rules will help you in applying the blusher correctly. We all know that nothing beats a well applied blush in giving you that healthy glow and this technique will surely be one of your best beauty secrets.

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