How to Check Balance of Ufone Prepaid

Ufone is the best mobile network and provides every kind of the facility to the user. The network has given the user best call rates, SMS service, 2G and 3G internet. When the user recharges the card, all the services get active. The users enjoy the services at minimum rates. The user can get all the information related to the balance and loan taken from the service for emergency use. In order to check the remaining balance, the user has to dial *124#. To check balance 0.20% tax will be deducted including 19.5% FED tax. The user can also get a minute, SMS, internet balance inquiry by dialing *706#.

The user can recharge the card and get balance by dialing *123*12 digits pin# and press send. The user will get PRs 75. The Rs hundred card is valid for 180 days. Rs 250 is also valid for 180 days. While Rs 500 and Rs 1000 cards are valid for 365 days or one year. The subscriber can recharge their balance through top up method. They simply have to provide their number to the salesperson who has u top up service. In this way, the user will recharge the card. After getting balance the message from ufone service center is sent to the customer for complete balance detail.


Ufone offers ufone super card offer, in this wonderful service the user get specific minutes, SMS and the internet. The ufone users can get an inquiry of remaining minute, SMS and the internet Mbs by dialing to *706#. In a similar way various packages information and balance inquiry the user can get by dialing *706#. The ufone users have to follow some terms and conditions after becoming the part of ufone service.

  • All these services packages are for prepaid customers.
  • For every recharge, the tax fixed by the government will be deducted.
  • 5% FED tax applies for each service and recharge.
  • Different tax ratio is for Islamabad and Gilgit-Baltistan
  • The user can recharge the card by using the scratch card, u top up method, via bank from the account through the online system and post-pay customers can pay the bill to the specific bank specified by the company.
  • On every recharge, the user will get the complete balance data along with the tax deductions and any loan taken on the previous
  • The sim is the identity of the user, always use the biometrically identified sim for security reasons.

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