How to Convert Your SIM to Warid Network

You are warmly welcomed on your friendly environment platform, always ready to help and guide people as per their requirements. I have seen many people are now converting connections of SIM from other network to Warid. People are wonder and want to know that how to jump to Warid, but they are disappointed to find no suitable platform to help out them, however, why are you worried, I am in this article is going to provide information regarding how to convert your SIM to Warid from Other network. Warid is the Pakistan’s best and leading service provider which gives worth quality voice and very attractive data packages to its customers. Seamless connectivity offers are provided by the company to its users with un-comparable services and excellent innovation. Being a responsible citizen, Warid presents a variety of socially inclusive products and endless services just to enhance the information accessible. Warid offers personalized tariff plans which build a strong communication bond and contributing to the country’s progress.

For those who are tired of other network connections and want to switch from their networks to Warid for better sound quality and best networking packages, then it is not really difficult. Now you can convert to Warid without even changing the original number and the network code. Warid gives best welcome packages to its customers, which make the communication easy. Those who convert their number to Warid from other networks they can enjoy free MBs, SMS and free calls on any network by charging an amount of Rs. 75 for 5 days.

wFree welcome package includes 750 SMS, free 750 mins from Warid to Warid, 750 MB free internet and free 75 min from Warid to other networks. All you need is to recharge Rs 75. There are two procedure to change your network which have been discussed below in detail:

  • To convert the network, go to the nearest Warid franchise with your CNIC card and the copy of it and request the customer service to convert your number to warid. The customer care center requires a biometric verification and they will do it by taking your thumb impression. After verification, they will give you a Warid SIM but there is another condition that the original sim should be used for at least 4-14 days till the previous network’s signal will die out.
  • When the signals from the previous network die out, then put the sim which you got from warid customer care center and start availing their services.
  • If you want to take a number which is listed in the name of any of your family member or relative, then warid demands an authority letter which would be signed by your relative or family member on a plane paper. Original CNIC of them is also required for this process.

Terms & conditions for switching the network

The number which you want to switch, must not be inactive for two months at least. In case the number remains inactive in between the two months period, then warid will not convert your number to its network as there is a mandatory change which should be fulfilled first.

Covert your SIM to Warid through MNP:-

Yes! You can also convert your Telenor, Zong, Jazz / Mobilink and Ufone number to Warid with the “Mobile Number Portability”  also known as MNP. This is even easy way to convert your existing number to Warid. Following steps are required to convert your SIM to an exceptional network in Pakistan:-

  1. Visit nearest franchise of Warid Telecommunication Company to change your network.
  2. Go in SMS writing and write word MNP and send it to 667.
  3. Soon after, you will receive a message having detail of your personal information including code number of your SIM etc.
  4. Forward message received from 667 to 76333.
  5. You will receive message with the instruction to visit the nearest branch to convert your network to Warid.
  6. Provide copy of CNIC alongwith messages to representative of Warid company, they will verify your credentials through thump impression and provide you a new SIM card.
  7. Insert your new Warid SIM when signals of previous SIM deceased.
  8. Remember that, don’t get advance loan, if you have plan to change your network.
  9. Welcome to Warid Telecommunication Company, enjoy the latest, lowest and unique SMS, Call and internet packages.

I have tried my best to provide all information about convert your SIM to Warid, however, if you are in difficulty, or have any question in your mind please leave comment below:-

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