How to Deal with Depression During Unemployment in Pakistan

How to Deal with Depression During Unemployment in PakistanThe whole world is facing the problem of employment and people are worried due to this on-going crisis. The economics crises are causing even developed countries. Unfortunately Pakistan is the country where unemployment is increasing day by day. People are lacking of basic requirements in Pakistan. Problems of Pakistan are increasing with the passage of time. People having many tensions due to crises such as energy crisis, water crisis, unemployment and Sui gas crisis. According to us unemployment is the biggest problem of Pakistan and it might be the reason people are moving towards bad activities. Unemployment means the people who have talent but do have platform to show their abilities to earn livelihood for their families. One of the other problem of unemployment is that people who are working not perform their duties according to the satisfactions of the owners of companies therefore the owners terminated the previous working staff due to lack of interest and due to this companies recruit new team of personnel.

According to the survey which was taken in 2012 says that more than 20% people of Pakistan are unemployed and the rate of unemployment is increasing rapidly. The rural people migrate to the cities for the search of work but when they do not find the proper work they start to take part in bad activities. Many people who are facing the crisis of employment become the victims of depression and it is alarming situation for the government of Pakistan. Government should create opportunities for the people so that they can earn reasonable good income for their families. We suggest the people not to worry instead of this they should keep searching for opportunities to earn livelihood. If someone don’t find job for some time he should not be panic because if he is dishearten it will lead to him towards depression. In this article some useful tips and instructions have been given to avoid from depression during the period of unemployment. The instructions for how to deal with Depression during unemployment are given below:-

    • Try to exercise at least for 30 minutes that’s your mood will be good and your physical health will also maintain.
    • Give encouragement to yourself that you are good and intelligent person. Job opportunities are waiting for your just it requires some time.
    • Mange your time to find the jobs or ways to earn. Use different kind of sources to find the reasonable job such as newspapers and internet.
    • Many institutions are working to provide the facilities of jobs in different multinational companies and departments but you are advised to beware and never give them advance payment without proper investigation.
    • If you are not able to find the job for sometimes then don’t be puzzled in fact keep practicing for interview.
    • The requirement of new job is to keep you fit mentally and physically. Because if you are not fit then you might be failed in interview so it is recommended to keep yourself healthy.
    • Prepare interviews questions yourself and get ready every time for every kind of questions when you are in front of interviewers.

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