How to Earn Money on Bitlanders Online without Investment

The facility of internet has been provided almost every corner of the world. The trend of online earning increased amongst the people. Students, housewives, professionals and even salary paid persons are found to look for different ways to make money online through internet. There are several ways to earn online. Something has to invest to start online earning but most of us always found to look the possible ways to make money online without investment. People living in Asian countries are often referred to poor and impoverish as compare to other regions. Therefore the hunger of earn online is need of them for prosperous and fruitful life.  There are many websites available online which are offering the facility of earning without any investment but most of them are fake, bogus and forged. The scammers behind these websites somehow manage to get money from the pocket public. Beware from these kinds of fraudulent people online. Today, I am going to share with you about a social website that pays money to its members.

What is Bitlanders?

Bitlanders which also known as the Film Annex is the popular social media website. It was created by Italian entrepreneur Francesco Rulli in 2006. Francesco Rulli was born in Florence Italy. Who professionally was a designer and later on developed Bitlanders for promotion his fashion industry.  The main purpose of establishing this website was to provide film makers a site to promote their work and boost up their projects with funds (through advertisement). According to the record, 5.00 million people having got registered with Bitlanders. Every user spends 16 minutes approximately on the site. Numbers of users are increasing very rapidly day by day as 1000+ joins daily.  The Alexa rank of Bitlanders is 30555. The rank of website is increasing with the passage of time due to its popularity.

How to Increase Earning on Bitlanders?

Earn on BitlandersBitlanders is very similar to Facebook. However you earn bit-coins in Bitlanders. The difference between Facebook & Bitlanders is that you “like” in Facebook and in Bitlanders you get Buzz. Get ready! I am going to share about the method to earn online with Bitlanders. Well! Bitlanders pays you for uploading images, movies (mini clips), blogs and Microblogs.  Or in other words Bitlanders pays you due to activities performed in the site. You will have to subscribe the people as possible as you can.

It is essential to have at least 5000 (Five Thousands) subscribers (friends) to earn handsome amount. You are here pays in Bit-coins. The rate of one bit-coin is equal to 383 USD which vary time to time. Check here the rate of bit-coin at present. You earn approximately 383 dollars for one (01) Bit-coin. People have been found to earn 22 Bit-Coins daily. I am myself having registered with Bitlanders and getting earn so why not you?

Tips to Earn 10$ Daily on Bitlanders:

I am providing here the tips and instruction to earn good amount on this website. Following are the guidelines which will help you to make 10$ Daily:-

  • Try to upload at least 10 pictures on daily basis.
  • Write at least 15 micro-blogs every day. It is very simple task as you can write, Good Evening, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Living Happy etc. You can also past S.M.S but please don’t try to copy from internet. Copy from internet but make some changes before publishing it to Bitlanders.
  • Subscribe at least 200 users daily. You will subscribe others and others will you. It is very easy to subscribe the users. Just go on the profile of the people and click on subscribe. Once you have subscribed at least 5000 people and you will share your data they will buzz you and you will earn bit-coins.
  • Upload 5 short clips of little seconds daily.
  • Keep buzzing the people.
  • Keep commenting on the profiles of the users.
  • Do not write words such as “Buzz me”, “Subscribe me” or like that.
  • Try to be online as possible as you can.
  • Spend at least 2 hours daily during 24 hours.
  • Share your links on different social website.
  • Share videos on Facebook.
  • Read 05 Blogs daily.
  • Watch 05 Videos.
  • Invite friends on as much as you can.

These were few tips, instructions and guidelines to make money on Bitlanders. You might have to wait for some time to earn handsome. Don’t be frustrated at all. Keep subscribing the people for good result. Please ask in comments whatever question you have. You can register yourself and start working right now. You can start working right now Please click below for Registration with Bitlanders:-

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