How to Get Approved From Yahoo & Bing Ads

If you have not listen about Yahoo and Bing Ads Network or then you are missing important chance to earn handsome amount with your site’s content. If you have not got approval from Google Adsense or have been disapproved and looking for best alternative to Google Adsense then you don’t have any other choice expect The collaboration of Yahoo and Bing advertisement is referred to which is best alternative to Google Adsense. If you are receiving good organic traffic on your blog or website from search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. then you can earn good amount with Yahoo and Bing is a contextual bases ad network system and rated as the second highest earning platform with quality content. pays as per 1000 impression, let’s suppose if your blog is receiving traffic from countries like UK, USA and as well as Canada then you will be able to earn 6 to 10$ for 1000 impression.

Difference Between Google Adsense and

Google Adsense and is online advertising companies where Adsense is run by Google and by yahoo and Bing mutually but the main difference between these advertising companies is that Adsense is Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network while is Cost Per Mile (CPM) ad network or  in  other  words pays you for impression of your website & blog.How to Get Approved From Yahoo & Bing Ads Media.netTo get approved for Google Adsense has been a difficult ask over the year and sometime a blogger has been found to complain that his Google Adsense account was issued and disabled for no such reasons. The Google Adsense policies are really strict and hard to follow them especially for newborn bloggers. If you are receiving good amount of traffic from UK, USA and Canada you will be amazed to see that even better then Google Adsense. It has also been seen that people disappointed after rejecting or disabling the Google Adsense account, they are intimated not to get worry at all because you have best alternative to Adsense in form of yahoo and Bing ads network and it is much easier to get approved for  We are going to discuss with you 04 more important things that will help you for the subjected titled as “How to Get Approved from Yahoo & Bing Ads” which are as under:-

Design of Website/Blog:

The design of website/blog matters for approving all kind of ad networking companies online. The design of website should be clear and visible especially the navigation bar should be easy to watch. It is recommended to purchase or download the platinum themes for your website. You can also get account with your blog such as or


Content is the major thing on your website to earn handsome amount. The content of your website and blog should be unique, original and targeted and in case of duplicate content on your website you have very rare chance to get approved any kind of advertising company on internet, if you have any duplicate content on your site then it is strongly recommended to get remove it for getting approval from Yahoo and Bings ads network. If you want to find out the duplicate content on your website and blog the go for and enter you URL. In case of duplicate content remove it and then apply for

Website/Blog Traffic:

Traffic is really important part of the website and blog for earning good amount using online ad networking companies so is important for As per requirement of the you should be receiving about 400 daily visitors come from search engines. prefers the visitors come from organic traffic instead of social media websites. The policies of concerned ad Network Company are not strict as Google Adsense however the traffic is the major concerned for approving yourself for and if you are receiving less traffic then it is strongly recommended to wait until you receive 10,000 monthly traffic. Another important thing is that at least 10% of your blog traffic should be from UK, USA and Canada.

Alexa Rank of Website:

While approving your account the team analyzes the alexa rank of your website/blog. As per stats the issues the account to websites at least having alexa rank of about 200,000. It has been observed to reject the account for more than 200,000 alexa rank. In addition to get approve for yahoo and Bing ad the age of your domain should more than 03 months. also approves the youngest sites in case of receiving bundle of traffic and quality content.

Google Page Rank:

Not to worry for Google page rank because believes on high amount of traffic instead of page ranking so even your website/blog’s rank is “0” then your site can still be approved. So you should try to write quality and targeted content instead of caring about Google Page Rank.

Furthermore if you have any question regarding approving your website or blog for and feeling difficulties then not to hesitate to ask in comments. We will guide you in best way for getting approved for yahoo and Bings ( ads.


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