How to have happy and Successful marriage life

There is no formula for a happy marriage. Almost all couples argue. No marriage exists without its fair share or arguments and fights? But whether it makes or breaks a relationship depends on how you do it. It is simply not possible for two normal human beings who come together in a love or an arranged marriage, sharing space, time, emotions and material possessions not to indulge in a disagreement or a fight occasionally. A friend of mine believes that our culture has become more argumentative recently that’s why there are more fights and more disagreements, but I think rationality is becoming such a widespread virtue that a more common danger of people giving up on a relationship than to stay married and fight is now the bigger danger. This change probably relates to more divorces and the improved status of women reflected in their confidence and independence. Most people subconsciously absorb the patterns set by their parents and act them out in their own relationships. If there is a history of violet arguments, mudslinging, ugly scenes then the chances are that you will repeat it, even against your better judgment. This is the post in which we will discuss tips for happy marriage life in detail.

We have established one thing that “argue we must” now the question is, are there any better or worse ways or arguing? The argument between couple are over trivial or special problems as thy come regarding money, time, sex, children, respective in laws or even which movie, drama or television program to watch. Each one of them wants to established or impress their individual identity on the other. A key to marital happiness is not whether a husband and a wife argue but how they argue, if a wife manages to express her dissatisfaction and the husband is willing to listen chances are the couple will be fine afterwords
How to have happy marriage life
It is not as easy as it sounds or in other words it is not easy task about how to have a successful marriage life. Most couples cannot express their true feelings and in the heat of the moment, we tend to say things which we don’t mean and when sanity prevails after sometime we want to kick ourselves for saying them. For this situation we need to distance ourselves, to step aside, assess the problem, sleep over it, than solve it with a cool mind selecting a least hurtful manner.

Leave a bitterness and residue. We must talk it out with our partner. The most important thing is to communicate. It is not easy but it is very important here are some bad habits to avoid as these become a barrier to open and frank exchange of views between wife and husband:-

Tips for Happy Marriage Life:

  • Always changing the subject, not saying what you really mean, grumbling about something not important instead of talking about the real problem.
  • Being a know-all, the way you say things, sarcasm and patronizing comments are particular unhelpful.
  • If someone has entrusted you with a secret about his or her most vulnerable point, you don’t have to bring it up in a fight, you can win respect by giving some respect to the feelings of the other partner,
  • Never hold the other person responsible for your own bad feelings.
  • People fight with each other in all sorts of ways. They have affairs, bury themselves in work, they spend too much money, they stop helping out around the house. These are all indirect ways of fighting.
  • Constantly undermining someone’ confidence is most hurtful and yelling is as aggressive as screaming or shouting.
  • It is a fallacy that only women hang on to grievances and get even at the first given chance. Men have even loner memories and are capable of hanging on to grudges for years. One must fight every now and then but it should be done on fair grounds, keep it to the point, don’t confuse issues and don’t drag your family members or your children in it.
  • Fight to the finish, don’t let anything left unsaid, marriage is about give and take, if you are good at dishing out insults, you should also be able to endure some.
  • The person who starts yelling first in a fight is the one who is losing control mostly because he/she is guilty of something.
  • Forgiveness is the only way out, the sooner you reach that conclusion the happier your marriage will be.
  • To have spicy marriage, full of confrontations and arguments, is fine, just make sure the relationship can survive it and does not suffer any permanent damage.
  • Another biggest problem of disputation is lack of money. So try to earn enough to settle all the matters adequately.
  • Communication is key to make strong every kind of relation.

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