How to Prepare for Exams

How to Prepare for exams

Preparing yourself for exams can be a difficult and stressful task.  It has been seen that even some intelligent students give up before starting of the exams. The period of exams in student life have so much importance because the future of the students is subject to their exams. It has been noticed that majority of students are afraid of exams and somehow teachers are also responsible for making the students afraid. Teachers pressurize the students about board exams thus students lose their confident and temperament during the period of exams.
The role of parents is also very effective for preparing their children for any kind of exams. Children spend most of their time with their parents and it is the obligation of parents to provide good, friendly and study based environment to children. It is also the responsibility of parents to aware the children about the importance of their time. Despite all of this many of students don’t perform well due to lack of experience and confidence in examinations hall. We have given some really use tips and instructions about how to prepare for exams here. We assure that you can be confident person and ready for any kind of challenges of exam by following these instructions:

Importance of time in your life:
The first and foremost thing is that you should have awareness that how time is importance in your life. Don’t waste your precious time in unnecessary activities. Your future is in your hand and its up to you how you make it knowing importance of time. If you manage your time in good manner then there is no need to worry for exams.

Be Confidence:
Confidence is key for success. The exams of schools, universities and colleges are challenging tasks but some students during the period of exams fail to maintain their confidence. Even some students are being victimized of depression, it is remembered confidence is first step towards achievement.

Start Preparation Well Before Exams:
It is strongly recommended that start preparing well before of exams.  Make timetable for study and strictly follow it. Distribute your syllabus into small parts so that you may get full command on all the subjects. You can imagine if you start studying just before few weeks of exams then how you can get your desired marks? So make timetable and extend the time period of study with the passage of time.

Practice on Old Exams:
Practicing on old examinations certainly helps to make you successful in final exams. Moreover start practicing exams under the supervision of your seniors and teachers just before exams and after observing the outcome result of practicing exams make your weak points strong.

Make Groups:
Make the group of your friends. Ask the questions to each other in terms of vice versa. One hour daily practice with groups will definitely put positive effect on your exams.

Study Environmental Place:
Concentration is must for study therefore you need study based environment such as you cannot study sitting in front of TV so you should select a place where you can study only. Sleep early in night and try to study in morning because fresh mind acquire more knowledge.

Consult your teachers:
If you are having any kind of problem or difficulty you must consult with your teachers. Share your problems and ask the solution without hesitating with your teachers. You can also consult with your parents or elders in your house.

Give Proper Time to Sleep:
Some students continue their study without giving proper time to sleep. They don’t sleep even the whole night and this is not the way of studying so during the time of exam if you are sleep-deprived then you will not able to deliver. Therefore sleep at least seven hours at night because your brain need some rest to work properly.

Avoid Cram Method:
Never try to cram anything because the method of cram doesn’t help in exams. You just need to understand the concept of your study material. If you have concepts regarding your concerned subject then you will be able to answer the question more effectively and confidently.

Plan your Exam Day:
Students are advised that they should be ready for the day of exam. Mange your all the requisite materials relating to exams one day before exam. Follow the instructions given by the examiners carefully. Reach in the examination hall before one hour of starting of your paper or test. Distribute your time for every question on the day of exam according to the given time. Last thing is to avoid dialog with your friends and colleagues after attempting one paper and start preparing for next one.

Belief to Allah:
Give your best for the preparation of exams without caring about the results. Offer Namaz regularly and leave the results on Allah as He never wastes anyone’s effort and rewards with success.


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