How to Prevent Mosquito Bites in 2018

As soon as weather gets start to change different kind of insects including mosquito are being seen everywhere. At the start or end of winter and summer season many dangerous and harmful insects start growing and this process gets continue which creates problems especially for humans as insects and mosquito bring many of diseases, allergy and skin problems. Sometime insects killing medicines are not enough for killing them, these medicines have to use regularly for removing harmful insects. It has been observed that the female mosquitoes are more harmful to the health of humans as compare to male mosquitoes because it brings fever, malaria and as well as dengue fever. In fact mosquitoes are being found most hazardous animal those are responsible for effecting thousands of humans every year.

Mosquitoes were the causes of West Nile Virus in United States of America in 1999 and it has been reported that over 37,000 persons was been effected due to west Nile Virus. Most of effected people of west Nile Virus had been seriously ill and 1500 were died out of 37000. It is normally said that mosquito bites to person who has sweet blood but there is no reality in this concept because mosquitoes are being attracted to smells produced by bacteria. It is known that prevention is better than cure therefore it is recommended to take some steps to prevent from the bite of mosquitoes. In this regards we have brought some useful tips and instructions about how to prevent mosquito bites.How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally:
How to Prevent Mosquito Bites First and foremost thing is to do that where these mosquitoes are being born. It has been observed that most of mosquitoes are found in dirty water, this dirty water helps to grow the quantity of mosquitoes each and every day which even can be in hundreds. These kinds of mosquitoes can also be seen in dormant water, garbage, open gutters, unclean places and some plants also help to produce numbers of mosquitoes. So if you want to prevent from mosquito bite you have to remove things as possible as you can. Contact your concerned municipal offices to remove the dirty places in your area. Set fire to garbage where ever are being found and use dustbin which have covers for waste materials.

Remedies for Prevent Mosquito Bites:
Some pet animals are also being kept in households and the utensils which are used for feeding the animal should be well washed. Quality mosquito spray should be done in cages at least twice a week, moreover some insects killing coils are also available in markets which can also be useful for our title “how to prevent from mosquito bites”. Most of mosquitoes are hidden underground the beds and sitting items. It is strongly recommended that the cloths should wear that cover you all. Sleeveless shirts and short trousers should not be worn especially during the period of growth of mosquitoes.

Tips Regarding How to Prevent from Mosquito Bites:

  • Use juice of lemon on unclothed body parts such as foot, face and hands before going to bed.
  • Use the smoke of burned leave of neem because the smoke of neem helps to prevent the mosquito bites.
  • Avoid visiting the places where mosquitoes can be found such as South America, South East Asia and Africa.
  • Let water do not stand anywhere in your house and surrounding areas because it is the major cause of growing of mosquitoes.
  • Avoid getting hot because according to the research mosquitoes most of times bite to warm bodies.
  • Never try to trap the mosquitoes whenever it bites because this even can be most dangerous.
  • Try to have some extra dose of Vitamin B1 as it helps to fight against the bite of mosquitoes.
  • Use white colour cloths when you are outside of house.
  • Avoid go to garden in the season of growth of mosquitoes.
  • Use to wear DEET because as mosquito can’t smell you.

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