Hunza Beautiful Valley of Pakistan

Hunza Beautiful Valley of Pakistan

Geography of Hunza
Hunza valley is located at some distance from Gilgit and is situated at elevation of 2.5 kilometer. Hunza has been the quick and short access to other valleys like Swat and Gandhara over the years. In the season of summer numbers of tourists come to Hunza valley from all over the world. Hunza is beautiful and historical place where everything is available according to the requirements of tourists.

Climate of Hunza
The maximum temperature of Hunza valley in the season of summer is 14 CelsiusĀ and in winter season it reaches to -10 Celsius. In the winter season it is really difficult to visit this valley because of heavy snow on Karakoram Highway. Therefore tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of nature in summer season. The best time to visit Hunza valley is from May to October.

People of Hunza
The Hunza valley is famous due to its natural beauties and the people of Hunza are known as friendly and cooperative. Generally people of Hunza speak Urdu language but some other languages are also being spoken here such as Shina, Wakhi and Burushaski. The literacy rate of Hunza is very high upto 90%. Children of Hunza get high school education in Hunza and then travel to other cities of Pakistan or to abroad for higher study purposes.

How to Travel Hunza
Hunza valley is 100 Kilometer away from Gilgit. Usually people travel to Hunza by road with buses which take about 2 to 3 hours to reach in Hunza if the weather is good. Tourists who come from China side also prefer to travel with bus. Air planes are the second option to go in Hunza which takes 45 minutes from Islamabad but to traveling by planes is subjected to good weather.

Beautiful Pictures of Hunza
Some beautiful pictures of Hunza valley are given below to get clear view of Hunza. People are attracted from country and worldwide due to its natural beauty therefore we are here sharing some beautiful pictures of Hunza. These pictures can be used as wallpaper backgrounds for smartphones, personal computers and laptops.

HD Walpaper of Hunza Valley Natural Wallpaper of Hunza Hunza Valley of Pakistan  Beautiful Mountain in Hunza Beautiful Hunza Valley Hunza Gilgit Valley

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