Importance of Education and Its Problems in Pakistan

Importance of Education and Its Problems in Pakistan-iThe first step after creating Adam A.S was to get education. The importance of education can be evaluated from the first revealed verse of Quran which can be read as “Read the name of your Lord who created you”. To get knowledge was the first ever order of Allah to Holy Prophet (PBUH). The education has so much importance for humans and it is crystal clear as the Day of Judgment. Moreover Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has expressed the importance of education in many hadiths, some are as:-

  • To get knowledge is compulsory for men and women.
  • Get knowledge from nursery to grave.
  • Get knowledge even you have to travel to China.

The Allah and prophet of Islam stressed to get education. The education made humans civilized. The educated person can think batter, can solve problems with good manner, can bring reforms the society and can create good atmosphere in gathering. The importance of education can never be denied by any mean.

The importance of education and its problem in Pakistan is the biggest issue currently. Pakistan is an Islamic republic. It is only the country in the world which was purely created on the name of Islam. Being a Muslim country we had to make examples for others in the field of education, but really unfortunately we could not do anything. We are away behind from Europeans countries in education. There are 25% to 30% educated people in Pakistan and the people who can make drawing of their names are also considered educated. Its mean 70% people in Pakistan don’t know to write their own name. Importance of Education and Its Problems in Pakistan-iii

The tragedies and ups and downs are usually come in every nation of the world but it destroy the national if don’t solve.  We have tragedy of education, which is never in position to solve it since a long. We only make arrangement for showing others, we don’t do practically. We are running really poor education system in Pakistan. In our educational system, the good locality ones getting quality education and poor ones even not have one time meal. We are having so many problems which can only be removed with education. It is the need of time that government should declare emergency at national level so that the educational problems can be solved immediately. The world has left behind Pakistan in latest technology. Government and the national people will have to come up for resolving this issue because it is the only way where Pakistan can progress.

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